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Tulah Makes Tracks from FL to CT

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When Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue Transport Coordinator Amy Lusty was trying to send Tulah from her boarding in St Petersburg, FL to her foster home in Naugatuck, CT she started with a ground transportation plan. Tulah is a gentle 6-yr old female white german shepherd, recently rescued, and was quite underweight so time was the essence. Amy had already secured many of the multiple legs needed for the trip but was still looking for some volunteers to fill some legs between Georgia and Delaware, so she turned to PilotsNPaws.


Joel and Michele, with Tulah, arriving at Savannah, GA

Joel and Michele, with Tulah, arriving at Savannah, GA.

After posting her request on the forum, some pilots stepped up to the challenge to help Tulah so Amy was able to complete her run sheet, leveraging an amazing chain of volunteers willing to assist.


Rob and his son Lukas, with Tulah, arriving at Lancaster, SC

Rob and his son Lukas, with Tulah, arriving at Lancaster, SC.

Tulah first left St. Petersburg by car on a Friday afternoon with Suzanne, who drove her to Joan for an overnight stay. From there, early on Saturday morning, Joan drove her to Winter Haven, FL to meet Rick who took her to the Deland, FL airport. There, Pilot Joel and Michele took her for a Bonzanza ride to the Savannah, GA airport. Pilot Rob and his son Lukas flew her in their Mooney to Lancaster, SC where they met with Pilot Christophe and his wife Larysa at the airport. They took Tulah to Rocky Mount in their Cardinal so she could spend the night with Bart.

Larysa and Tulah, ready for a comfortable ride in a Cardinal.

Larysa and Tulah, ready for a comfortable ride in a Cardinal.


Unfortunately, the winter weather decided to bring low ceilings and poor visibility over the Mid-Atlantic region, so the Sunday flight scheduled to pick her up in NC was cancelled. Nevertheless, Bart actually drove her to Pilot Frank in the Richmond area instead. Frank agreed to foster her until the weather cleared up so the following Friday, he flew her in his Cessna to Allentown, PA where Cheryl took her for an overnight. Ed drove her the next morning to Morristown, NJ to connect with Kathy who then drove her to Stamford, CT so Susan can finally bring her home in Naugatuck, CT.


Bart welcoming Tulah in Rocky Mount, NC.

Bart welcoming Tulah in Rocky Mount, NC.

From Florida to Connecticut, from Suzanne to Susan, so many people volunteered and stepped up to ensure she had a smooth trip to her foster home and another chance to find a loving family. Thank you to everyone involved: drivers, overnight fosters, pilots, and ground coordinators like Amy who make these long-distance rescues possible across multiple states.

3 thoughts on “Tulah Makes Tracks from FL to CT”

  1. Amy Lusty says:

    A huge thank you to all the pilots that make this a success. It takes an army to save one dog, but we are saving them every day so it is worth it.
    Thank you Christophe for putting this article together.

  2. Vianna says:

    Every one of these animals is precious; many thanks to ALL who work to see they have a chance at happiness ♥♥♥

  3. Susan Lydem says:

    What a great article! Thanks to everyone for bringing Tulah to us safe and sound here in CT. Tulah has settled into our home, learned all about housebreaking, hiking, snowshoeing, and being part of a family. She has healed from her heartworm treatments, gained weight and has greatly improved health. Now, she just needs a family to call her own! If anyone is interested in adoption or learning more about Tulah, you can visit the Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue website: http://www.echodogs.org/dogs.htm

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