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Pilots N Paws

Fourteen Furballs

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John took off in a plane loaded with 14, that’s right fourteen, animals for his recent rescue flight! The first leg was to Livermore, where a team loaded 12 animals (#1-terrier, #2-bunny, #3-beagle, #4-lab mix mom, #5-12 her 8 puppies).


Four puppies were in a separate crate from mom, but the other puppies didnt want to come out of the crate with their mom preflight so that’s where they stayed.


Midway into the flight, John smelled an unappealing aroma that didn’t go away, and he finally realized that somebody pooped! Thankfully, it wasn’t his copilot.


At the end, there were 4 fresh puppies and 4 poopy puppies. (The midflight rukus was solved). After the dropoff, John picked up 2 French bulldogs on their way to Palomar Airport to finish off the day.