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Fred and Daisy’s Flight to PA

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Scott Messinger’s most recent rescue touched several rescues: Columbus County Animal Control (NC), The Sanctuary (PA), TRI STATE Bassets, and Penny Angel Beagle Rescue in NJ.

This trip was about 2 bassets, whose owner was forced to make the kind of decision on we all pray we never have to make. He had been “downsized” and was losing his home. Even though Fred and Daisy had been part of his family since pups, they needed to go. Talk about Sophie”s Choice.


Enter TRI STATE Bassets. Tri State promised to not only find this bonded brother and sister a new family, but even more importantly, Fred and daisy will STAY TOGETHER, no matter how long it takes to find the right home. (That’s a promise from Eric at Tri State)


After a very sad farewell in Charlotte, two very confused bassets were soon winging their way towards their new life up north. This owner had to do what for most of us is the unthinkable…and he did it with courage and thought.. He showed his love by taking the time to do the research. No ANIMAL SHELTER for his babies, he told me, as we walked to the plane. We all know what happens to most owner turn-ins at even the most well meaning shelters…A dedicated, compassionate Basset Rescue was what he needed, and he found one of the best.  Other passengers were a treehound and her pup that cleverly disguised themselves as BEAGLES to sneak on this flight…( sorry Penny Angel Beagle Rescue)…. and 4 more for THE SANCTUARY in PA.


We wish Fred and Daisy lots of LOVE and DROOL in their new life!

One thought on “Fred and Daisy’s Flight to PA”

  1. Cheryl McLeod says:

    Thank You, Pilots & Paws for another mercy mission.. Y’all are the BEST!! And what precious pups you had on board!!!

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