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Lola, Her Babes, and Milo

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HUGE CLAP of HANDS to PNP pilot James Kleen who flew Lola and her babes along with Milo to Greenville, SC on Friday from the Bainbridge, GA shelter.


(HUGS and THANKS to Taryn, Susie, Joe, Janis, Roie and anyone else that might not be listed). THANKS to Michelle for getting everyone to the airport on time! The pilots that fly and all the rescuers that save these animals and give them the chance to live are so appreciated.



Petmate and Subaru РTheir assistance to our pilots and other volunteers is crucial to our success. 

3 thoughts on “Lola, Her Babes, and Milo”

  1. Rita says:

    Yay! Pilots n’ Paws. Flying pets to new lives. We’re spreading the word.

  2. Sandra says:

    Deepest gratitude to everyone who works tirelessly, using their talents, resources, and hard physical labor to save these innocent animals who so desperately need help. Though millions of people in the world sincerely care and want animals saved and placed in loving homes, so many good people are already doing everything they can do and can’t possibly take on anymore responsibility. However, we animal lovers want this work to continue and to expand as long as there is an animal suffering anywhere. Please donate any amount you can afford to the animal rescue group of your choice. Even though you might not be able to do the actual physical work of rescue yourself, maybe you would be willing to consider a donation as payment for services rendered; payment for the work we so desperately want done for needy animals. Small gifts from many, given with great love, seem to miraculously grow into significant amounts which are crucial to the continuation of this good work! Heartfelt thanks to Pilots N Paws and EVERYONE involved in this blessed mission!

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks to everyone and especially James Keen. You are all heros!!!

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