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Pilots N Paws

Saving the lives of innocent animals!

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Published in Hicks Airfield Pilots Association’s “FLAPPINGS”, March 2013 issue, by Mike Reddick

Ever get tired of all the $100 hamburger flights and wonder what else you could do with your plane? A couple years ago one of my nieces mentioned that a co-worker’s husband was flying dogs on the weekends in his Bonanza for a rescue group called Pilots N Paws. My interest being sparked.

Bonding At Monett, MO

Bonding At Monett, MO


We have airlifted dogs rescued from kill shelters in south Texas and southern Oklahoma over the last year. Most of our rescue flights have been pups of large breeds or adults of small breeds like beagles or terriers due to my RV’s small baggage compartment. I have enlisted the help of other local pilots if a larger dog needs help.

Sometimes it’s a multi-leg flight where you do a transfer from and/or to another pilot. The most rewarding flights are when you actually get to deliver the dog to his new “forever home” family, as they are referred to. If you’re an animal lover, you probably wouldn’t do this if you weren’t, it’s a very rewarding experience.

One Year Later

One Year Later

What’s in it for you? Well, besides the satisfaction of knowing you saved an innocent animal from being euthanized, part of your flight expenses can be considered tax deductible as many of the rescue groups that utilize PnP’s services are 501c3 approved. Check out their website and I hope you find some interest in joining.


One thought on “Saving the lives of innocent animals!”

  1. Janice Mitchell says:

    Pilots and Paws flights have saved the lives of so many pets since they started. I am an on-the-ground volunteer/supporter and have seen the wonderful work of P&P. Thanks for all you do — and keep up the life-saving work you are doing. The lives you save – and the owners who adopt them – experience life in a new way because of your kindness.

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