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1300+ nm and 13 dogs

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PNP Pilot Susan Delagado to the rescue!

PNP Pilot Susan Delagado to the rescue!

Over the weekend of June 15 &16, pilot Susan Delgado transported dogs from across Georgia down to Central Florida and a very lucky Collie up to NC with a final destination of Virginia.

The weekend started Saturday with a departure from Atlanta and a quick stop in Vidalia, GA to pick up 10 puppies eager to find new homes.  After the group was loaded, and another hour later a second stop in Bainbridge, GA to pick up another small dog and a sweet lab … both also needing a ride south.

With the plane loaded the final destination of Brooksville was just another hour or so ride down the west coast of Florida.  Due to the criss cross nature of the flight and the unfavorable wind, the trip was a little bumpy and the puppies didn’t enjoy it.  All arrived safely and happy to be on firm ground once again.

Sunday began with the second leg of a transport from Rome, GA to VA cancelled due to weather in VA.  After a few phone calls and finding a friend to help with the drive, the adopter (Terry) agreed to make a 3+ hour drive each way to meet Susan in NC.  The collie traveling on this solo flight was about 10 years old when both the elderly owners passed away within months of each other.  The family thought the dog should be put down due to depression, but after a short evaluation the vet just couldn’t do it.  A rescue group in NW Georgia came to the rescue and found Terry, who jumped at the opportunity to provide a forever home for this sweet Collie. DSCN3707

After spending 8.5 hours in the plane over two days, and everyone safe and sound in their foster or forever homes, Susan pushed the plane back in the hangar to deliver more dogs another day.



5 thoughts on “1300+ nm and 13 dogs”

  1. Christy M. Witschie says:

    What an amazing adventure for all involved. My thanks and my heart go out to you for giving these sweet babies a chance to have a home, be loved, and live out their lives with families that welcome them in to be a part of them!


    Christy M. Witschie

  2. Joan says:

    13 dogs saved and lives changed for the better. What a wonderful person giving of herself and skills. Thanks Susan and PNP.

  3. Bob Vosper says:

    Good job…..life changing for those fortunate rescued.

  4. TerryLynne Ramsey says:

    Thank you some how just doesn’t seem like enough. Cheers is fitting in better than anyone could have imagined. Our long haired collie Lucky was kissing on her in less than 5 minutes. All is well in the Ramsey fur baby house. :) Thanks again Susan and PNP

  5. Spartanburg – Pilots N Paws mission is to Connect volunteer Pilots with rescues and shelters who need to move animals from overcrowded areas (i.e. the south) to areas with a greater number of adoptive homes in order to escape euthanasia. 4 million are killed nationally every year. Their flights are considered by the FAA to be “humanitarian” and because they are a 501c3, pilots who fly with them can benefit by claiming part of their flight expenses. However, they would still volunteer even if they couldn’t! They make a flight, which they love to do, and also save lives, it’s a win win. THEY NEED PILOTS! They have just over 3200 volunteer pilots nationally but sadly, very few in the Carolinas…….

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