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3 Sad Stories Turn Into 12 Positive Stories

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Jim Carney took on an emergency flight from Covington to Sikeston for Mama Dog Hope…

Dog lover Bobbie Sanders and friend just happened to be watching while an SUV stopped and shoved a Dog out and when the Dog tried to get back in they kicked it out and took off. Bobbi rescued the Dog which obviously had recently given birth because she was full of milk. Bobbi could not keep the dog for long but wanted to help, so she went on Facebook to find it. Bobbi had named her, Hope. Dog Rescuer Carrie bowman of Jackson, TN answered her plea for help. Carrie found another situation in Sikeston, MO that needed help immediately. The request for help was from, Julie Adams of Rescuing Missouri’s Unwanted Dogs I will quote her story below.


“I had to go to Wal-Mart last night and I took a short cut to avoid some traffic through a mall parking lot. I saw a little Tan Dog run down the lot and then cut in toward the back of the store. I parked my Van to follow the Dog. It went down into a ditch and just watched me. I then heard a bark and turned around and saw another Dog near a Dumpster. As I got closer, I saw a pile of Babies, there, in a box next to her. I slowly approached her and she let me pet her. The Dog and Puppies were all panting. They were so young their eyes were not open. Mind you, the temperature was above 90 degrees! Once, the little Tan Dog saw that I was friendly, he also approached me. Needless to say, I loaded all of them up into my Van and drove home. There were nine Puppies crammed into that box!! Perhaps, the little Tan Dog may have been following the car that dumped them, got scared, ran back to where he was dumped out. Everyone is now safe with me and seem to be healthy. I don’t think they had been there for long because the Puppies would have quickly died due to the heat. Honestly, I never go that way home but it was a good thing that I took the short cut yesterday. I have named the Tan Dog Hero since he helped me save 10 lives.


You are probably asking, how did abandoned Hope and these abandoned Puppies get together and where are they now. Well, that is another story of Gods miracle’s. I don’t know the logistics of it all, but I do know God arranged for Hope to fly to MO where she is now with the Puppies. Bobbi and friend just happened to see Hope being dumped, Carrie just happened to be on Facebook and Jim just happened to be home, getting ready to go to the airport and check on his plane. ”

Isn’t this amazing!!!
Julie Adams
Sikeston, MO


A HUGE THANK YOU goes to Bobbi, Carrie and Julie. Hope and her new family appear to working out!! I’m just glad I was home and ready to help.

Jim Carney
Pilot – PNP – TN

8 thoughts on “3 Sad Stories Turn Into 12 Positive Stories”

  1. Denise says:

    Wow! These stories are so inspirational! Thanks to everyone involved.

  2. Jan says:

    Thank you for your kindness & compassion. you were sent to these little ones so they could be saved. Thank you.

  3. The mother of the nine puppies found near the dumpster developed eclampsia and was unable to nurse her puppies. Julie put out an SOS for any dog that could possibly help her keep these puppies alive since they were only barely two weeks old.
    As I write this, Hope is still being a good mommy to these nine pups in Oran, MO at Julie Adams Dog Sanctuary. Here is her Facebook page if you want to keep updated on the story. https://www.facebook.com/JulieAdamsDogRescuer

  4. Jenine says:

    Great story, but I’m confused. I see Hope has stepped in to nurse the puppies. So the the little tan dog nor the dog who was by the dumpster with the box of puppies were the puppies mother?

  5. Brigitte says:

    A true miracle!! A great job was done by all involved!!

  6. Jene says:

    Thank you all for allowing these gifts to live like God intended.

  7. Jenna says:

    Thank you….all of you…. for saving all these lives. God works wonders! And so did all of you!

  8. Bobbie Sanders says:

    Thank you Jim Carney and Pilots N Paws!
    God does work wonders!

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