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8 Bullies SC to PA

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Scott Messinger sends out his best for his latest mission…


Last week’s trip was for Saving the Bully Breeds in Pottsville, PA. You really have to feel sorry for the bully breeds…Almost nobody WANTS them…and you can count the Bully Rescues on one hand….Just mention you have a Pit you are trying to pull, and they can’t get off the phone fast enough.


Last week I read about a pit in Cal who SAVED a 6 year old little girl from a mountain lion. Apparently she was being carried off and the family pit heard her screams and came running… and fought off that mountain lion. The dog was severely mauled, but survived… and the little girl was saved. Ask that California family what they think of the Bully Breeds.


4 thoughts on “8 Bullies SC to PA”

  1. Kate says:

    I have a rescue Pitty boy, and I love him. He is the only self-actualized creature I have ever met.

  2. Dorothy McDevitt says:

    I LOVE the bully breeds. I have six rescue dogs from the south, two pits, one Vizsla/pit, and three black dogs.

    I foster for Out of the Pits. SOOOO Many people love pits – anyone who gets to know them!!!

    We’re making progress…THANKS SCOTT!!!

  3. You guys do a great service for all animals, just wanted to say Thank you! Believe it or not there are many more than just a hand full of pitbull rescues, and thank God for that since they are one of the most misunderstood breeds. I have had many over the last 20 years and never had a problem other than the same problems I had with any of my dogs. Love you guys you rock!!!

  4. rachel says:

    Cannot emphasize enough, I have NEVER met a pit/mix with who wasn’t as friendly as a dog gets. Ever. I am even including the dogs on big chains being held by “tough guys”: the dogs that people probably automatically assume are just props, untrained and aggressive. NOPE.
    As a breed generalization I’d say the pit/mixes I’ve met have been temperamentally equivalent to the Labs. It is completely beyond my understanding how people CONTINUE to demonize this loving, comical, sweet, FUN breed.

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