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Nala Just Wanted Her Ears Scratched

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Ms. Nala found herself running out of time at the animal shelter in Killeen, TX. She had been turned down by one rescue because she was heart worm positive.  That didn’t stop Jerry. He kept hunting until he convinced the San Antonio SPCA to take the sweet girl. Jerry jumped on the opportunity and started looking for ground transport. Even though it was only 140 miles, he found it difficult to fill the route.

A final plea went out via to the PnP forum. Tanya volunteered to make the trip the following morning. Mother Nature didn’t like that plan, and Jerry summed things up well with “Would someone please turn off the water? It’s leaking from the sky and delaying today’s transport.”

Stacie with Killeen animal control dropped off Nala.

Stacie with Killeen animal control dropped off Nala.

Being summertime in Texas, Tanya wasn’t quite as upset about a nice rainstorm delaying the flight. She was determined to get Nala to San Antonio, so the flight was moved to the evening. After all, one has to earn the money to pay for that avgas.

Stacie dropped off Nala at the airport and remarked that she wasn’t such a great rider in the car. With that bit of knowledge, Tanya took extra steps and both hooked up Nala on a lead and closed up the zippered crate with a zip-tie. Well, Nala really wanted out and slipped out of the lead and poked her head and a foot out of the small space the zip-tie allowed. Fortunately, she was still contained just enough so as to not be able to jump up front and help Tanya fly the plane. She really just wanted her ears scratched.  Tanya complied, and Nala was calm the rest of the flight.

Tanya and Nala

Let the ear scratching commence.

After a bumpy trip due to late afternoon travels and not being able to get above lingering cloud layers and isolated storms, the two finally touched down safely in Boerne, near San Antonio. The flight landed on time, and Joellen was right there waiting for her new pack member.

Joellen with Nala

Joellen with Nala

5 thoughts on “Nala Just Wanted Her Ears Scratched”

  1. Jerry Dunham says:

    Coonhound rescue in Texas is a long-distance affair. Unlike more popular breeds, our hounds, and their rescuers, are scattered all over the state, not concentrated in a few cities. Before Pilots N Paws, getting these hounds safely out of shelters and into rescue was a difficult, and sometimes impossible, task. Many died in shelters because we couldn’t move them. Pilots like Tanya have been instrumental in saving many lives. We appreciate the help of Pilots N Paws very much.

  2. Lynn says:

    Thanks to all involved in getting this dog to a great rescue!
    It takes a village.!

  3. Amy D says:

    Great story and a big thanks to all of you pilots who pitch in to help! Too many dogs are treated like disposables, and without the generosity of groups like yours, beautiful dogs like Nala would never see a new loving home! Thanks to all involved!

  4. Suzanne Chaulk says:

    Until I became involved in hound rescue myself, I didn’t even know that such a group existed — but I now appreciate the important role that they play in helping hounds find safety and eventually homes. Thanks all of you for what you do!

  5. Sara Heffernan says:

    Tanya- THANK YOU! From the bottom of my and all the Coonhound’s hearts.

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