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Todd And Mary’s 27th Pilots N Paws Rescue!!

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June 7th, 2013 Todd and I started our 27th Pilots N Paws Rescue at (3M5) Moontown Airport in Huntsville, Alabama, our home base. Becky Rogers drove from Ardmore Tennessee with 5 dogs to meet us at Moontown, very early start for her day. There were 2 puppies Border collie mixes, Tara and Ohara who were liter mates. They were scared so they got to fly together in the same crate. Andy was also a border collie and he weighed 45 pounds. Andy needed to be kept away from the other dogs because he was a little aggressive. Then there was Shane, a Border collie mix and Willow, a cattle dog. Everybody was loaded and it was time for their flight to a new life. Weather was good so we headed nonstop to Orlando Executive Airport in Florida; this was a long flight, about 4 hours. With exception of a few rain showers DSC01152the flight was smooth and uneventful. Passengers relaxed and slept through majority of the flight. After landing in Orlando it was hot and steamy at the airport so water and shade was coveted by all of the passengers. The two puppies were so hot they lay down in the bushes to cool off. Thanks to all of the folks at the airport who helped with keeping the dogs cool.


It is always very emotional for these rescuers to let the dogs go, but they know the animals are headed for a better life.

DSC01155All rescues are complex rescues, but they end up very successful. We appreciate how hard the volunteers work facilitating constantly changing dogs, destinations, times, pilots, and weather.

Unfortunately many others aren’t as lucky, and as you all know, the only answer to this devastating issue is to spay/neuter/rescue. All of these dogs are really sweet, and they deserve to be curled up on the living room floor at night not tossed out like trash.

Cessna N2858F

Todd & Mary Brooks



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  1. jody says:

    You are very inspiring, thanks for doing so much.

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