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Trooper is Just That

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Mahesh Sankaran was part of a tag-team mission to move a very special dog, Trooper, an Australian cattle dog mix, who was shot and left for dead in Madison, IN. He was rescued and treated, but one of his two front legs had to be amputated. In spite of the abuse, Trooper was full of joy and love, and bonded quickly with whoever was close to him.


Mahesh has transported a number of dogs for Pilots N Paws, and each has his or her own special story, but Mahesh says that Trooper melted his heart. Amy, who is based in Columbus, OH, flew to Madison and picked up Trooper. Mahesh met Amy at an airport near Cleveland and flew Trooper back to Rochester, NY, where Trooper’s adopter lives.



8 thoughts on “Trooper is Just That”

  1. Jan says:

    I love Pilots and Paws, because they make awesome adoptions happen. Good luck to Trooper and his new family.

  2. Jodi williams says:

    I thank you for going out of your way, spending your $$$, and making a difference in these precious animals lives. (((Hugs))) :) You are blessed for being a blessing. Im just waiting for my turn to be blessed by changing a loving life. Im in western, NC. You renew my faith in humanity, thank you.

  3. sandy says:

    LOVE LOVE endings w/ love winning!

  4. Pamela Plotkin says:

    Trooper’s story melts my heart. I hope he is in a good home and his life is filled with love.

  5. Laurie says:

    I am the adopter of JoJo (previously known as Trooper). He is doing amazing. He has put on a little bit of weight and is building up tremendous muscle mass. His ability to get around has improved greatly since he arrived. JoJo just recently graduated from first level obedience and earned the “Most Improved” ribbon! Jo goes to doggie daycare one day each week and is well-cared for there. His most prized possession is his red Kong Frisbee! JoJo has a wonderful life now and spends his days doing what he should be doing. Just being a happy dog with no worries!!!! He is so very very loved! I keep in regular contact with the shelter he came from in Indiana. The Jefferson County Animal Shelter took phenomenal care of JoJo prior to his adoption! I will always be grateful. Just as I will always be grateful to Amy and Mahesh for bringing JoJo into my life!!!

  6. Amy says:

    Thanks for writing upTrooper’s story. It was so great to meet you that day and I loved flying the first leg of this wonderful mission for such an awesome dog! Hope we cross paths again soon on a PnP mission.

  7. Connie Ross says:

    This is such an awesome organization! I have an Australian cattle dog mix that I adopted nearly 13 years ago. She has been the love of my life over the past years as she has been by my side, ever loyal & protective through some turbulent times. She makes me smile as do these stories. Thank you to the pilots who donate time to this cause… you are the best!!!

  8. Amy says:

    So glad to hear Trooper is doing well Laurie. Glad you wrote this article about this wonderful mission. Loved being a part of it!

    Amy, based at KOSU in Columbus,Oh

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