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An Incredible Tale Of Fate: A Higher Power, Rescue Volunteers, and PNP Pilots Return A Loved Pup To A Happy Home

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Our deepest thanks and appreciation to pilots Marianne Blair from Waynesboro, VA and Phil Spalding from Stuarts Draft, VA for flying rescue puppy LITTLE PUP (formerly known/rescue name as Patsy Cline) from Angiers, NC to Shenandoah Valley Airport in Weyers Cave, VA.  This is the third flight Marianne and Phil have made for Pilots N Paws.
Our story is one of those God at work stories.  Shortly after Christmas our love of our life dog PUP was diagnosed with aggressive Lymphoma and given maybe 4 to 6 weeks with chemo.  Pup was 13 and also at the time of diagnosis was down in her back legs unable to walk.  It was suggested at VA Tech that we choose to put her down.  We opted to bring her home, not do chemo, and try an anti cancer diet along with supplements (Dr Demian Dressler).  We did hydra therapy and massage and within 2 weeks she was walking again; in 4 weeks she was running up the mountain behind our house.  She had over 4 very good months but on May 14 she let us know she had to leave us.  Though heartbroken we started Pup’s Hope under the veil of The Mosby Foundation to raise money for dogs with cancer.  We have 5 other rescues and decided we would not adopt another dog until we were down to 2 and from here on we would only adopt seniors….Never another puppy!
July 1 while surfing petfinder for a rescue for a friend I saw a picture of a puppy that looked like Pup.  My husband and I were both astounded.  Also, her rescue name was Patsy Cline and I have been singing Patsy Cline songs at karaoke and with local country bands for 2 decades.  I felt this “push” to pursue saving her, and so I filled out the rescue’s application to adopt.  
July 3 we were contacted by the rescue, however, my husband was in the ER with surgery following the next day.  I knew then that adopting Miss Patsy C was out for there was no way I could now make the 11 hour round trip to Angiers to get her and their deadline was July 13.  the night of July 11 we filled out a request on the PNP ride board and prayed that God would let this little girl be adopted by the best home and family in the world when Underdog held their adoption event the 13th.  
We had no hope that PNP could make the deadline…2 days away….so we put it all in God’s hands. If it wasn’t for the urging of a Conway Twitty’s daughter, Kathy, a friend and fellow animal rescuer, we likely would not have made the post on PNP’s forum.  On Friday morning the 12th we were SHOCKED to see a response from Marianne!  Due to weather, she and Phil chose Sunday afternoon the 14th to fly.  We met them at the airport and met our new baby.  Love at first sight.  
We tried a dozen names, calling her and trying to choose our own name for her.  She ignored us.  We then said….Little Pup…..thinking of our sweet heavenly PUP….and she responded as if she ….WAS HOME!!!  We all swear PUP is back in another body……This Little Pup has ALL of the exact same mannerisms……I mean EXACTLY…….The other 5 dogs are huge and she walked in here like she owned the place, no fear, nothing but a demeanor that said…’Wow good to be back….”  the other 5 act as if this is Pup also.  PUP passed may 14.  Little Pup was born May 16 and came to us July 14……2 months to the day that Pup passed.
Vicki Soles

6 thoughts on “An Incredible Tale Of Fate: A Higher Power, Rescue Volunteers, and PNP Pilots Return A Loved Pup To A Happy Home”

  1. Karen says:

    This is like the books “A dog’s Journey and A dog’s purpose by W. Bruce Cameron… Seriously, you should read them!!!! I pray they are true. I lost my beloved Tegan and pray he is loving someone on this earth the way he loved me on this earth.

  2. Vicki Tittle says:

    I believe this is true! If you’ve never read the book A Dog’s Purpose you need to read it. It is about a dog who did exactly this, comes back as other dog’s in the same person’s life. Have an awesome life Little Pup!

  3. Paula says:

    Oh this is the kind of piece I love to see. Thank you so much

  4. Kay Stout says:

    For those of us in rescue – – – we completely understand. I’m the Executive Director for Second Chance Animal Sanctuary in Norman, OK. So glad Little Pup is right where she belongs with her pack and her family

  5. Ann Chambers says:

    What a wonderful story! Had to dry the eyes a bit to finish reading. God bless these pilots and this organization. They truly make miracles happen. Have a great life Little Pup!

  6. Sharon Lambie says:

    As a friend of Vicki And Lonnies I have to agree this puppy is PUP reincarnated. I also knew Pup. this little girl is the object of many funny stories that Vicki shares with me. she also likes to Thank me for convincing her to get a puppy. We got our Milli last nov, and I really wanted to share with them the new puppy experience.Enjoy your baby.She will keep all of you young, exhausted but young. love ya

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