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Pete and Karen Tobin catch everyone up on their latest flights…

In February, there was an 80 lb. female Saint Bernard named Sophie who we picked up out of Nashville and who found a new family through Plumbers For Puppies here in Chicago:




Yhep – She really fit into the back of our airplane:



And a Big Thank You To Plumbers For Puppies for finding Sophie a Forever Home!




In June, there were two little female mixed breeds who we also rescued out of Nashville and were delivered to the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society:




All pretty uneventful.

Then, came the events of late June. The authorities busted a puppy-mill in Greenville, South Carolina. After the human offenders were arrested, 143 dogs of various ages were confiscated. As you can imagine, the influx of 143 dogs will overwhelm the resources of any local municipality. Tragically, dogs that were liberated from one horrible situation were being euthanized in another frustrating situation.

These are the moments for which we need Pilots ‘N Paws who stepped up to that plate like champs! They sent out an urgent email asking for anyone who was available to help, to please help. A faction of these dogs were driven by car to Asheville, North Carolina. The Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society pledged space for 10 of these dogs – if someone could transport them to Chicago. Representing the Chicago arm of Pilots N Paws, we were airborne in about 36 hours. We flew down for 10 dogs but there was a kennel cough issue and only seven could be transported.

On Friday, June 28th, we snatched up all seven.



This is at about 8,000′ above Kentucky.

Ashville 7 a


And unloading at PWK:

Ashville 10 a

Ashville 8 a


And they’re all off to better lives with the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society:

Ashville 11 a