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Oh My, Where a Simple Email Leads

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Julian sent an email to Wade.  The topic – how does Pilots N Paws work and how does one get involved.  That turned into one rewarding email exchange.  Julian now counts himself among the ranks of pilots that help save animals.


Wade and Julian flew a two-leg, two-Catahoula hound mission.  Patch, who is blind in one eye, and Tasso have new, better lives waiting for them with the help of a couple pilots and many dedicated rescue folks.


We thank our partners Subaru and Petmate.   Their support is critical to accomplishing our mission.

4 thoughts on “Oh My, Where a Simple Email Leads”

  1. Caroline Marino says:

    I’ve had the pleasure to work rescue missions with Julian and Wade and they are the utmost dedicated professionals. Pilots N Paws and the world of rescue are truly lucky to have them among their ranks. Kudos on another successful mission!!


  2. theresa bernhardsen says:

    So very grateful for what you folks do… Thank you!

  3. Dalia Tauber says:

    Hello and kind greetings

    Would anyone please be able to let me know how to contact PilotNPaws U.S.A
    We are a charitable rescuer in British Columbia Canada but we rescue dogs from Lancaster Califronia high kill shelters. We need to transport a doggie(has only 3 feeties( from Lancaster to Bellingham Washington State). He is about one year old sweetheart. Loving home and a loving vet waiting for him. Thank you so much…..

  4. Tanya says:

    Your best option is to post a request on the Ride Board. Go to http://www.pilotsnpaws.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=5&sid=90e6fb40715385610d4e2d34b9a072d2 There is also a frequently asked questions page (look at the upper right on the forum pages for FAQ) that will help you get started.

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