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Pilot Scott Messinger Flies Brain Injured Mastiff’s Medical Transport – PILOTS N PAWS

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The email from MASTIFFS TO MUTTS was just 4 words…Brain injured Mastiff…interested?

She had us at “hello.” Here’s the back story.
Hannah the Mastiff turned up at the PORT JERVIS, NY HUMANE SOCIETY, emaciated, and having very little muscle strength in her rear legs. And then they saw the indentation over her right eye. As in blunt force trauma.
As in pipe.
Someone had abused this gentle girl. which, according to the vet resulted in some neurological damage (brain), as evidenced by her difficulty walking.
Hannah had a neurologist appointment, waiting for her in Maryland, and it was thought best for her not to be subjected to a long car ride.

When we first met Hannna you could tell that this girl had not known much human kindness in her life. She looked a lot older than her years. We immediately saw the large indentation over her right eye, where her skull was definitely caved. At first, we were not sure, and when i asked if all mastiffs came with unusual shaped skulls ( my first mastiff up close), i was told definitely NOT.

it was obvious that she was too big for even our largest crate, so after some quick rearranging, we made a comfy little nest of blankets for her. Hannah was a doll the whole trip, and just as gentle as a lamb.

Upon landing, we met Larry and Kevin, two very compassionate MD State Troopers (father and son), who were going to see that Hannah got the medical care she needed, She had to be helped from the plane, but other than that she managed just fine.


We took some publicity pics with the troopers. We gave them a PILOTS N PAWS t-shirt, and they gave us one of their official State Police shirts as thanks. A few last pictures and handshakes, and we were on our way.

–PNP Pilot Scott Messenger
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3 thoughts on “Pilot Scott Messinger Flies Brain Injured Mastiff’s Medical Transport – PILOTS N PAWS”

  1. Wanda says:

    A wonderful story — God bless all involved!
    I pray Hannah recovers well and has a wonderful life!

  2. Carrie Ann says:

    May Hannah no nothing but joy and love from here on out. Inspiring story, thanks for sharing.

  3. Wade Roberts says:

    Scott, Larry and Kevin:

    Bravo, and well done!

    Wade (another PNP pilot)

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