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Tan’s Two-fer

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Dave Tan was up in the air again helping out some more pups. Once again, he managed to wrangle up a couple different transports to efficiently use his avgas.

Midwest Beagle Rescue, Education and Welfare (BREW) took advantage of Tan’s avgas in two directions. The first leg was from Kenosha, WI to fly three pups, Mulan, Hercules and Pocahantas, to their forever homes in Toledo, OH.


Really - Mulan, Hercules and Pocahantas?

Really – Mulan, Hercules and Pocahantas?


The second leg from Toledo to Waukesha, WI was for beagle Franklin to his forever home.

This is the goal of every PNP mission--Franklin in his new forever home!

This is the goal of every PNP mission–Franklin in his new forever home!

Tan loaded up his baggage area with Franklin and a traumatized puppy mill dog, Aubrey, being sent by Puppy Rescue, Inc to his forever home in the same area. Aubrey was flown up to Toledo by John DiSalle and his wife Cathy in their 182.


Both pups were greeted on the ramp at Waukesha by their new parents. A happy occasion!



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  1. Denise says:

    I think you are all wonderful! Every time I see your posts, I wish I was getting one of those beautiful dogs! Do you ever fly to NJ?
    We have rescued 2 cats but I miss my dog so very much…..Keep up the great work!

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