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Dawn and Joy

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DJ ONeill took off from his home base in Lake Placid, NY and flew two lucky dogs from Gauga County, OH to Ithaca, NY.


Dawn and Joy had been in foster care with Liz Rubino for a long time. The two are inseparable. A family of 6 from Spencer, NY found Dawn and Joy thru Bridges to Safety. The 2 dogs were located out near Cleveland, OH, a 12 hour car ride one way. So Bridges contacted DJ to go get them. DJ turned a 12 hour car ride each way into a 1 1/2 hour flight each way. The family was waiting for the passengers when they landed. DJ is pretty sure the four kids are going to give Dawn and Joy lots of love and keep them very busy.


8 thoughts on “Dawn and Joy”

  1. Carela says:

    Just what two great dogs need. .. . a family with lots of kids to play with! Thank you for caring, Pilots N Paws!

  2. Dawn Flannery says:

    Finally a very happy ending. Thank you so much for giving them a home. Your family is wonderful!

  3. Rita Chesterton says:

    LOVE these stories… this family is an inspiration, as are the Pilots and fosters who make it all happen. I hope Dawn & Joy’s foster person will be able to re-unite for a visit one day. I’m sure these dogs will be missing her.

  4. Julie Ray says:

    What a beautiful family!!! Well done DJ and Bridges to Safety. Picture perfect and those doggies will have a snuggle whenever their hearts’ desire!

  5. Les Howard says:

    This is another story why we rescue foster people love and admire PNP.

  6. Laura Lau says:

    Dawn and Joy are settled in now as forever members of the Lau family. They are enjoying hiking between four to six miles a day along state forest land and spending their evenings being brushed and lounging on the couch. We look forward to tennis ball fetch and agility courses in the near future, but for now we are incredibly thankful to everyone that has helped bring these girls to our home. <3

  7. R Stephens says:

    I love you and the work you do!!! You are a group of rare priceless gems!!!

  8. Lisa says:

    Great job! Thank you for all you do. What a happy family.

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