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Pilots N Paws

From Zero to Fifty

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Randy Thomure recently tranported his 50th dog. He plays down the accomplishment as he says, “I’m in awe of the very dedicated group of volunteer pilots that have transported 100’s of pets over thousands and thousands of miles.” He should be aware that many are in awe of Randy crossing the fifty threshold.

How much does it cost for Randy to move a dog? He did some quick analysis of flight time and fuel cost. It works out to be about 1.76 hours and approximately $107.06 per dog. Much better than the infamous $100 hamburger.

Randy's first transport.

Randy’s first transport.    It was the first time that B.R.E.W. (Beagles Rescue, Education and Welfare) used PnP, which has turned into a great relationship.

This part of the story may be subtitled, “How to convince your spouse to let you buy an airplane.”

For a long time, Randy would see a post or something about Pilots and Paws along with pictures. He and his wife are huge animals lovers, so he’d forward the stories to her as a hint. After days, weeks, months and years of hinting (begging and whining), Randy found the perfect plane. His wife finally relented to the purchase only after he promised to do dog transports. The plane was purchased in July 2010 and the first dog flown in October.

Randy promises he will continue to work on the ‘century mark’. Everyone wishes him well in that endeavour.