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Hammond, Iberia, and Houston

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Steve Glenn and his daughter, Gillian, spent a few hours in the air on a Saturday morning to shuttle three dogs around Louisiana and Texas.

Moniqueka, Lilly, Steve, and Gillian

Moniqueka, Lilly, Steve, and Gillian

They had a wonderful flight to Hammond, Louisiana (250 miles) and picked up two dogs – a Chiweenie named Moniqueka and a golden/shepherd mix named Curtis. The pair loaded up their cargo, flew to New Iberia, LA, dropped off Curtis, and picked up a Rattie named Lilly.


They then flew Moniqueka and Lilly back to Ellington Field in Houston where volunteers met the flight to take the dogs to their homes. All of the folks were delightful and really loved the animals. They really didn’t want to give them up – but in many cases had more at home. Gillian and Steve really enjoyed meeting everyone and the three dogs were very sweet!  This was a first mission for the pair and will hopefully be just the start.

6 thoughts on “Hammond, Iberia, and Houston”

  1. John says:

    Thank you for all that you do and please keep it up. No pun indented.

  2. Sandra G says:

    Thank you Pilots And Paws for all that you do. Fly safe!

  3. Rita Chesterton says:

    Way to go, Steve and Gillian. What wonderful memories you will have as time goes by and Gillian grows into a woman. Love those little dogs…especially the Ratty named Lilly. Did they all go to permanent homes? or was this to meet their fosters?

  4. Michele says:

    Well done Steve & Gillian on a successful trip. There will be 3 happy families & 3 wonderfully happy dogs. Congratulations on you first flight with your Dad Gillian. We hope to hear if many more soon.

  5. Wade Roberts says:

    Way to go, Steve and Gillian!

  6. Joni Solis says:

    Huge thank you to both Steve and Gillian! Hope you both are planning another dog rescue flight soon!

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