Precious Cargo from Dallas to Denver

Precious Cargo from Dallas to Denver

Sybil Miller with Mountain Pet Rescue in Colorado had a spot for a few dogs from Texas.

The precious cargo:
3 ~8wk border collie mix puppies, 4-5lbs each, going to Susan or Sybil to foster
Hailey (3-1/2mos) a lab/husky puppy, 20-25lbs, applications in process
Rusty, 35-40lb collie – being adopted by Dean & Connie


Dallas area fosters Leslie Martin and Bill Phelps took great care of the dogs and brought them to the airport for the trip. Theresa left Addison, TX with the cargo on board and met Terry who is out of Denver, CO. According to Theresa, despite all of the noise they made on the ground, they were all quiet in the air! The flight was met in Denver by MPR’s Stephanie and Rusty’s adopters Dean & Connie.


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4 Responses to “Precious Cargo from Dallas to Denver”

  1. Awesome! Thanks for what you do!

  2. I LOVE these wonderful stories! With everlasting gratitude to all of the Pilots with Pilots N Paws and the many volunteers and adopters and fosters and rescues on the ground at each end of the flights who support them and keep this wonderful, animal life saving organization going!

  3. Theresa and Terry:

    Well done!

  4. Thanks, everyone, for your kind words. It’s such a pleasure doing these missions, very rewarding! Each dog leaves their paw print on my heart.