Speedo the Greyhound- Lima, Ohio to Huntington, WV

Speedo the Greyhound- Lima, Ohio to Huntington, WV

Speedo was dropped off during the overnight hours at the Dog Warden’s Office. He appeared well fed, and well well taken care of, so obviously he was an owner turn in. The facts will never be known, but at least this owner had the good sense to drop him off at a shelter, rather than just let him loose, as so often happens. Most racing greyhounds have ear tatoos, and as this boy does not, he must have been a family dog at one time.

He is being fostered in Huntington, WV, by the same ladies who fostered, Nova, an earlier greyhound who has made a miraculous recovery. Speedo will eventually be taken to Greyhound Friends in Mass., where he will no doubt find a new forever family.

Thank you Heather and Brittany for accepting Speedo without hesitation. Stops were Lima, Ohio, Huntington, WV, and Charleston, WV, before returning to Phila. Also participating in this transport was DOG BLESS (WV) and Burlington County Animal Alliance (NJ).

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6 Responses to “Speedo the Greyhound- Lima, Ohio to Huntington, WV”

  1. God speed to Speedo – PilotsnPaws for their help in flying him to his foster family and to who ever is lucky enough to make Speedo part of their new family. What many people don’t realize is how sweet “gryt-hounds” are and what big couch potatoes they are!

  2. Kathleen Raddatz 22. Sep, 2013 at 11:48 pm

    Thanks, Guys. Great work, to all involved.

  3. He is beautiful. Amother misunderstood breed. So wish he wasn’t so far East.

  4. He is very Handsome, wishing you a happy forever

  5. Speedo is a very lucky dog! Thank you all so much for doing all you do to help all these dogs.

  6. Beautiful dog … he will quickly find a good home.