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Good Luck Laila

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SPECIAL CLAP OF HANDS AND SALUTE to PNP pilot Tom Autrey who flew a very sweet and emaciated, dehydrated poor Boxer girl, Laila from the Bainbridge, Ga shelter to Jacksonville, Fl to BARC (Boxer Rescue) on Tuesday – THANKS Erin, Trudy and Jen!


SPECIAL HUGS to Beth who got Laila to the airport on time! We appreciate the pilots that fly for us, and all the rescuers that save these animals and give them the chance to live.


The update on Laila was that she was at the vet and would be for a few days, hopefully to survive as she is majorly emaciated, flea ridden and extremely anemic. Whatever her outcome and praying for the best, she will at least be loved and well cared for.


5 thoughts on “Good Luck Laila”

  1. Judy Hebert says:

    This makes me sick anyone who would leave a dog in this condition should receive the same treatment. Good work folks. I take care of my dog and have taken care of many strays and their pups and gave them good homes. I only wish I could give funds but on ss and unable to take care of any but my dogs. I talk up spaying and neutering pets.

  2. Erin McGough says:

    This is my foster baby! She is doing great now! She is up to 56lbs & is a wonderful dog!

  3. Lori Ann Hartnett says:

    Thank you so much for your dedication and overwhelming LOVE to these poor poor babies. We will be praying for you Laila! PNP, Volunteers, I love you all! Me and all my fur babies do! (all 8)
    Lori Ann Hartnett
    Missy, Angel, Obie, Adele, Nikki, Pippa, Artemis and Apollo

  4. Tom Reed says:

    Great work you do!
    God bless you and thank you…
    What you do is “special”…

  5. Kathleen Harrison says:

    Praying for Laila

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