Added Passenger

Added Passenger

A short story in the world of Pilots N Paws.


A transport for a sweet border collie mix starts as such:

Rescuer: Ride needed for a rescue pup to forever home. Border Collie Mix, 8 #’s, 9 weeks.

Pilot: Get him to the Tallahassee area and I’ll bring him to Sarasota.

Rescuer: If I can get this pup to Tally tomorrow, would you be able to fly her and another 8 month puppy down together?

Pilot: Of course.

George and Diane Dahlbeck played the part of the pilot, and Karen Kroll was our rescuer.





Our story ends with a happy trio.


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2 Responses to “Added Passenger”

  1. You guys are awesome and Karen…well Karen rules. She has a heart bigger than Texas and she is amazing in all that she does. I became a fan through her rescue of Swagger and learned about everything she does…and became a bigger fan. Thank you to the pilots proof positive that you don’t need a cape to be a hero….just wings.