Dad & Daughter Day

Dad & Daughter Day

Steve Glenn and his daughter were off on another PnP mission.

photo (1)

Lilly needed a lift out of Louisiana, and the pair provided one for her. Steve’s daughter loves to fly PNP missions with him, and it sure makes a great Dad & Daughter Day.


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3 Responses to “Dad & Daughter Day”

  1. What a great story. It is so wonderful for the kids to see their parents be so kind to animals.

  2. Wow, that looks like my Paco.
    AKA “Cesar Paco Pilatus”, a Feist rescued from Rowan Co. Ky.
    We go rat hunting in NYC with a group known as R.A.T.S. or the Ratters and have been covered by the Associated Press, Fox News, the New York Times and Inside Edition.

  3. This is Lilly!! I rescued her from the streets of Opelousas Louisiana. Boy how I miss this sweet girl:). These are the pics I took when I arrived at the airport. Steve and his daughter gave her the best ride of her life “freedom” I kept Lilly for almost 7 weeks. She’s an amazing girl!! We loved her very much and miss her so much. I wish I could of kept her but I couldn’t. I have 7 wonderful fur babies I love just as much as I love sweet Lilly. Thank you Steve and thank you Texas Boston Terrior for taking this great fur baby. Thank you for giving her freedom from the streets. Love you so much Lilly and miss you tons:))