FLIGHT to FREEDOM with Gary for 14 Pups

FLIGHT to FREEDOM with Gary for 14 Pups

SPECIAL CLAP OF HANDS AND SALUTE to PNP pilot Gary Keilty who flew 14 pups from Bainbridge, GA to Tampa, FL (THANKS Lori-FARR and Michelle-ROAR). SPECIAL HUGS to Beth with an awesome helper, Andy Woods, who got them to the airport on time! We appreciate the pilots that fly for us, and all the rescuers that save these animals and give them the chance to live.





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9 Responses to “FLIGHT to FREEDOM with Gary for 14 Pups”

  1. This is such a great organization! Amazing people and heros!!

    Which shelter were these puppies transferred to, and when will they be adoptable? Any info will help, thank you!

  2. Where did the little Bull Mastiff puppy go? I use to do Mastiff rescue. I would like to have him/her.

  3. I was there to pick up Michelle (rotti) from Jeff Bennett . What a great day!!

  4. Thank you for doing this for homeless dogs, You are a blessing to these little pups. God bless and safe flying…

  5. Good Tampa newspaper coverage !!!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful things you do.

  6. OMG! The Hugest Thank you for being so kind and generous with your time, efforts, money and determination to all who have been involved with this and other amazing rescues. I cry with joy to see so many involved with open loving hearts and hands and want to make such a difference for the little souls that have fur. God bless you all! You are all hero’s and I praise you!

  7. What a wonderful purpose in life!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  8. Carolyn Bernath 07. Oct, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    Not sure if you can help, but I have been looking for another pup just like the little brown in the photos above. We had a dog just like this one and she died 2 years ago. Since then, my husband and I have wanted another one of this same mix. Can you tell me where this pup went so that I might be able to get info on adoption. Thanks Carolyn