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Jenny Lee and Annabelle Charter Their First Flight

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Two hound pups were in a temporary foster home associated with the Paris, TX shelter and doing well, but the shelter wanted to put other dogs there and needed to move these two on to rescue.  Jenny Lee is about 5-months old, the last of a litter of four. The shelter was able to find homes for the other three, but this little girl hadn’t made it out the door and was out of time. She appears to be at least part Treeing Walker Coonhound and is tri-colored.  Annabelle is about 4-months old and arrived at the Paris shelter a couple of weeks after Jenny Lee. No one had shown interest, so Coonhound Companions pulled her to rescue with Jenny Lee. She appears to be part Plott Hound and sports a solid black coat.


Where’s my friend?!


The two girls needed to make their way from Paris, TX to San Antonio. The coordinator extraordinaire, Jerry Dunham, had found ground transport on both ends, but the last 150 mile stretch in between was alluding him. Through the Pilots N Paws board, Tanya Card offered to cover that middle distance. Jerry’s emails started flying to get everything arranged. While that was going on, David Nelson offered to fly the dogs from Austin to San Antonio, covering the last let by air instead of by ground.


Gary and Jessica.


Sherry picked up the pups in Paris and made her way south. She met Jessica in Canton, and Jessica drove the pups to Athens to catch their chartered flight.  Tanya strapped on her plane with a fellow dog wrangler, Gary, and they flew up to make the connection with the two girls. It was another beautiful morning for an airplane ride. The handoffs in Athens and Austin went off without a hitch, and David was off with the passengers to San Antonio.


Tanya getting the dogs loaded.


David landed in Boerne, near San Antonio, just as it started sprinkling. A quick glance at the radar, and he realized there would be no departing for the next hour or so as heavy rains were bearing down on the airport. Jo Ellen helped him unload the pups and put on the canopy cover before the hard rain hit.


After an hour or so, the rain stopped and there was a clear shot to home around the back side of the rain. David climbed in and made it home safely after his fresh airplane wash.


7 thoughts on “Jenny Lee and Annabelle Charter Their First Flight”

  1. Charles Reinhorn DMD says:

    This is such a heroic cause to hear about. We admire your exciting work. Would like to know more as I lead a campaign in Olive Branch, MS outside Memphis. How can we get involved? Would you accept some of our dogs from the high kill shelters of the South? Sincerely, Chuck

  2. Billy Rains says:

    God bless all of the Paws and Pilots participants for doing a wonderful job. We have a rescue Sheltie that is absolutely wonderful. We drove from Houston to Shreveport and back to pick up two rescue Shelties for Texas Collie and Sheltie Rescue. Although we can’t fly our own plane, it’s a great feeling to help a dog in need.

  3. Twyla says:

    Pilots, It’s wonderful to see such caring people giving a chance to these two precious doggies. God be with you in your flights!

  4. Larry Little says:

    God works in mysterious ways.Awesome story of love.Love me some animal lovers,thank you.

  5. Fran says:

    Awesome story – just shows what good hearts these people have!!!!

  6. Jamie Girard says:

    Thank you so much for all your good work!!!!

  7. Tanya says:


    Pilots N Paws does not rescue dogs directly. We simply help move dogs via air. If you find a rescue outside of your area and need help transporting a dog to them, that is where PnP can help. Good luck.

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