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Trust = Warm Fuzzies

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Thanks to Terry Fiala for sharing the following…

I’m a relative newbie to Pilots N Paws. I’ve just completed my second mission. The word that comes to mind most often when I think about my missions is TRUST. Rescuers trusting pilots to show up where and when we say we will and to fly safely. Pilots trusting rescuers that the dogs are the size, health and temperament that was given on the mission request. And in my two cases, pilots trusting one another to show up at the midpoint airport to hand off the precious cargo.


The most amazing display of trust comes from the dogs. Each and every one of the dogs I’ve flown has been sweet and trusting. Quite frankly, I put them in a plastic box, load them into a big, loud, smelly space, and there they stay for the next couple of hours. When they arrive at the destination, they may be thirsty and hungry, but they’re still as happy as can be. They meet the rescuers – complete strangers – with kisses and tail wags. They really do sense that we are helping them. This is why each and every one us plays our part.


And about those missions…

My first was written up in a prior blog post by Wade Roberts, who played the crucial role of mission coordinator for this complicated mission. On June 14th three pilots and their copilots flew 850 nm visiting five airports. I personally flew 12 dogs that day in my Cessna 182 N821WW with copilot Autumn, who is a 16-year old student pilot and surely a future PnP pilot.



My second mission was on August 25th. My husband Jason & I flew “double whiskey” to Perryton, TX to meet up with Theresa Krafcheck in her Debonair N9520Q. Our canine passengers were three tiny 5-week old puppies I call The Baby Girls, a 4-month old husky mix named Hailey, and Rusty, a super sweet 4-year old red border collie. We enjoyed a clear and calm flight back home to Centennial, CO where Rusty and The Baby Girls were met by volunteers from Mountain Pet Rescue, and Hailey was met by her adopter Rob.



All this was made possible by San Antonio pilot Denise Pride. I met Denise at a meeting of the 99s in San Antonio in May. After she shared her passion for Pilots N Paws during a presentation, I told her I wanted to get involved and she helped me make the first steps.  Already in only two missions, 17 great dogs have left their paw prints on my heart. I look forward to meeting even more wonderful people and dogs.

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  1. MJ PAMPENA says:


  2. Jamie Girard says:

    Thank you so much for joining this wonderful group!!! It is because of people like you that these sweet furbabies are getting a second chance at life!!! Keep up the good work PNP!!!
    (Btw…my maiden name was Fiala! Lol)

  3. Joanne parker says:

    You are a gift , thank you so much for your work,

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