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*editor’s note: Lilly and Paul Gardner adopted the first dog they agreed to fly for PNP, which was an untraditional, but wonderfully happy ending to their first PNP transport!

We failed (but still won) at our first attempt to fly a dog through Pilots N Paws. Because of bad weather, we had to keep postponing the flight, all the while the beautiful Dalmatian we were in charge of transporting worked her way into our hearts and our home. It was the best failure ever!  But, we really wanted to complete our obligation to participate with PNP and kept looking for a flight that would work with our available time and our unpredictable weather.

Our 2nd Chance came in the form of a pointer.  He was getting his 2nd chance as well.  He was found dumped on a country road in Texas; starved, weak and covered in
fleas and ticks.  A good Samaritan took him in and contacted Pointer Rescue, Org.  They vetted and sponsored him while he stayed with the same family in Texas.  After 5 months, his new dad spotted him and knew he wanted him, so the search was on for transportation from Texas to South Carolina.  The best part of the story?  The dogs name is CHANCE!

Here is a picture of Chance winning us over before the flight, a picture of him being such a brave boy in the plane and him at the end of his 2nd day of travel with his new Dad, Robert.  Our hearts are full and we are so grateful to Pilots N Paws, to the wonderful family in Texas who saved him, to Emily McDonald, PRO Transfer Coordinator, to Erin Grimes for putting Chance up for the night in Mobile after a long first day of traveling, to all the transporters who worked so hard to get him safely to his next stop and to Chance….for never giving up.

Lilly and Paul Gardner


Photo Credit: Erin Grimes


Photo Credit: RAD-Rescue Animal Delivery

Photo Credit: RAD-Rescue Animal Delivery
Chance with his new dad!

Photo Credit: Erin Grimes

Photo Credit: Erin Grimes Lilly and Paul Gardner with Chance

5 thoughts on “SECOND CHANCES”

  1. Ana says:

    These Pilots do a great job. Transporting dogs to the forever home is a great satisfaction. My congratulations for your time and compassion. I would love to have a group like you in Puerto Rico.

  2. Renee says:

    What a beautiful story of success x 2!

  3. Shanna & Robert Alspaugh says:

    So happy to see the success stories. We were part of the ground transport team for Chance. He is a beautiful, happy, sweet boy and an awesome passenger. Many good wishes to Chance and his new family. PNP is a great organization.

  4. Rad says:

    I was lucky enough to be the final leg of this transport that delivered Chance to his new daddy! Great job, Pilot N Paws!

  5. Elaine Kilgore says:

    I drove Chance from Lafayette, Louisiana to Denham Springs. He lay down in the back of my SUV, in the sun, and napped. At pickup, and hand off, as soon as he left the vehicle, his nose never stopped working. Sniffing the ground, raising his head to test the air. What a beautiful, solid dog. As always, I think I benefit just as much as the dogs I transport do. I am part of some amazing stories with some amazing people I have never met.

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