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This was a last minute trip that came together because of an 11 year old beagle owner turn-in who was down to his “last day” at the Lewis Upshur Pound in West Virginia. His name was Buster.


It seemed we all saw the post at once and had the same thought…NO WAY we were letting this happen.


Forever Home Beagle Rescue made a frantic call… The pound didn’t open until noon Monday…Today was Saturday…no way to reach them…Suppose they started euthanizing before they even answered the phones on Monday? Happens all the time….


The stars aligned… SWEET SUCCESS! Now this boy gets to live out his Senior years with a New Family! Special thanks to Forever Home Beagle Rescue and Droopy Basset of W. PA. Great teamwork everyone! Stops were Clarksburg, WV, Huntington. WV, and Pittsburgh, before returning to Philadelphia.


Gotta Love that bowtie!


Scott Messinger