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Larry – One Year After His Flight

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Ken adopted Larry about a year ago.  He sent the following update…

Larry is a 8 year old wire haired Jack Russell. As the story goes Larry was living in Texas with an elderly couple who would let him out but then loose track of him. He was always getting picked up by animal control and then brought back home. One day they let him out and again forgot he was out and ended up getting hit by a car, breaking his left front leg. He ended up at a shelter where eventually he had to have surgery to remove the leg. At that point they decided that they could not take Larry back home and put him up for adoption.


Unfortunately after a period of time he still had not been adopted and only had a few days left when we got an email via a Jack Russell rescue group. Because we already have two dogs with no front legs and a kitty with no back legs it was an easy decision to adopt him. The only problem was were are in Steamboat Springs, CO and Larry was outside of Dallas, TX. After doing some research we found Pilots n Paws!


After posting a notice I was able to find Denny Benson, a pilot with you folks who happened to live in Steamboat. Denny did not hesitate to make the trip and pick up Larry. He actually got stuck down there for about 4 extra days because he had to do some repairs to the plane. But they made it back and Denny had a great time with Larry.

Larry’s surgical site had gotten infected, his teeth were in bad shape and he REALLY needed a bath but after a few months he was back on his feet and doing great. He has fit in wonderfully and is just a great little guy. If fact this last summer he took an agility class a did great.


Many thanks to Denny and Pilots n Paws for bringing Larry to us and for everything you folks do.

Here is a link to a video of when Denny came in with Larry: