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Marley – The Mini Ridgeback

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Barbara Davilman sent the following story:

Marley was listed as a Shepherd mix at a high kill shelter in Lancaster, CA. Ridgeback Rescue saw a mini Ridgeback so we grabbed her. Her foster mom soon discovered that without another dog by her side, Marley was a bundle of nerves. We found the most perfect home for her, a repeat adopter (our favorite kind) who had another RR and a Yorkie to guide her and help her come out of her shell. The problem was that they lived about an hour north of Truckee and Marley was down in Los Angeles.



Big big thanks to Pilot Paul and his wife Stephanie for giving Honey, our Mini Ridgeback, a ride to her forever home! I don’t know how people rescued before PnP and I hope to never find out.


2 thoughts on “Marley – The Mini Ridgeback”

  1. Marci Liroff says:

    I am one of the foster moms in Marley, now Mahdi’s, journey to her forever home. I took the photo of my Juma Ridgeback on the left and the adorable Mahdi on the right while she stayed in my home. Being a foster mom is wonderful. A lot of people say, “Oh I could never do that! I’d never be able to let them go!” If that happens then it’s meant to be. I’ve delivered several of my fosters to the airport to the very capable hands of an amazing pilot who’s donated his/her time to Pilots and Paws which is a brilliant organization. It works like clockwork and I want to personally thank all the pilots who donate their time and resources to make this happen.

  2. Marci LIROFF says:

    Oops, she was called “Honey” when I had her. We were also trying to place another great Ridgie mix called Marley.

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