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19 Carolina Dogs…and an Embedded Collar case

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Scott Messinger was off again to add to his total…


This trip started to be a bust, as we had lots of last minute cancellations from the SC senders…But, after opening up the trip to other rescues, we soon found ourselves overfull.


Passengers included 2 sets of moms and pups, 4 hound mixes, and lots of pups…but the real showstopper was the poor hound whose throat looked like it was sliced raw. He was clearly in pain, but still very trusting, as he allowed us to handle him with ease.


This poor fellow had an embedded collar…For the uninitiated, that;s when an owner places a collar on their little puppy, and through complete negligence and/or plain CRUELTY allows that same puppy collar to dig into the dogs neck, year after year, NEVER ALLOWING FOR THE DOGS NECK TO GROW.


If left untreated the dog succumbs from a crushed airway, infection, or any one of a number of things.  Apologies for the graphic photo, but if one person can learn from the damage an embedded collar can do, it will have been worth it.


Stops included were Rocky Mt. Wilson, NC, Chesterfield, SC, and Whiteville, NC, before returning to Philadelphia. Rescues involved were The Sanctuary (PA), Columbus County Animal Control, NC, Chesterfield County Humane, and Burlington County Animal Advocates.


Special thanks to The Sanctuary in Haffsville, PA, for sending for this injured hound, and to Lumberton Vetinarians in NC, who agreed to drive our injured boy to the airport at the last minute so he could get North to rehab and rescue.

9 thoughts on “19 Carolina Dogs…and an Embedded Collar case”

  1. Pam Farthing says:

    Scott, you ROCK!

    My (pilot) husband & I are relatively new volunteers with PNP. We are always so encouraged when we learn of yet another of your rescue missions.

    Thanks for all you & other pilots do to rescue these animals…you are truly an inspiration!

  2. Geoff Jordan says:

    Do you have More Info on the Carolina Dogs?! Where they were from? Where they were Going?

  3. Libby says:

    Love reading about all the great things this organization does, thank you so, SO much for helping animals in such a fantastic way!

  4. Kelli McNeil-Goodsir says:

    God bless you for what you do. I am a volunteer for a rescue group also.

  5. LeVTay says:

    Best describes the meaning of IT TAKES A VILLAGE.

  6. Susan surplus says:

    Where is the dog that in the picture captioned some guy and a dog?
    Is it a boy or girl and is the dog for adoption?

  7. Carol Price says:

    Brings tears to my eyes when I think of that dear little thing with the collar wounds. I am so thankful to all who made it possible for him to get to PNP and on to medical attention and recovery and a forever home with SANE loving people!

  8. judie p says:

    Pilots and Paws rock!!!!!

  9. maria says:

    Gracias,por todo lo que hacen!!!Amo los animales y soy una convencida,que ellos estan aqui,para que los humanos aprendamos algo!!mil ggracias,por su trabajo,los admiro!!!!

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