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The Tobins are back in the air.  Speedy recovery to Karen.

From Pete: ¬†Well, I haven’t sent out a dog rescue letter in a while mostly because Karen was pretty seriously injured in early August. That really curbed most of our rescue efforts for awhile.

There are needs still to be met. Here & there I jumped onto other people’s rescues and just drove them by land routes.




As happy as I was to participate in this rescue… ummmmm… this one puked all over the back on my Jeep on the way to meet her new foster parents. I mean all over. YUCK!




BTW – If you’re in the Chicago area, this little girl is available for adoption and easily the sweetest dog I’ve encountered in a year. And she has white eyes, not ice blue but white. If you’re looking for a dog, contact me and we’ll see what we can do about getting the two of you together to see if you’re both a good fit.


And then came the events of 11/10/13: Karen has recovered enough that she can get back into and out of the airplane again – and she wanted to go to a party in Nashville. So we did.

When the animal rescue agencies in Tennessee heard that Karen was in town they of course had dogs for us that were just a day away from being euthanized. Karen being Karen quickly found foster situations for them with Plumbers for Puppies. The first was another Red Bone Coon Hound:


Then there was Big ‘O Lab mix:


And I don’t care what anyone says, this little girl was pregnant:


After an uneventful flight back to Chicago they all left to start new lives with foster families through Plumbers for Puppies: