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Duke’s Rescue!

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A few weeks ago, Eskie Rescuers United decided to save a sweet, 1-1/2 yr old male Dean with co-pilot Bob and PearlAmerican Eskimo Dog from the Humane Society of Henderson, KY.  Unfortunately, Duke’s chances looked extremely thin of anyone wanting him as Duke’s back legs were badly hurt.  Duke’s former owner ran over him and broke his leg and waited two months before taking him to the vet.  The vet put a pin in his leg and it looked promising for little Duke…except his owner never took him back to the vet!  Instead, he took him to the shelter to be put down.
Three pilots helped Duke (and another (rescued) foster needing to get to her new home) fly him from Henderson, KY to Randallstown, MD where Duke would get neutered and the best treatment possible for his leg.  Duke has since had his surgery and it still hurts him to walk, but with therapy and TLC from a fantastic vet and his foster mom, Heidi Ortmeyer, everyone is hopeful for this great Eskie.
Tom Jackson, Jr. with Duke & PearlOf course, without the help of the first pilot, Tom Jackson, Jr; the second pilot, Ron Henderson; and the third leg pilot, John Lee, it would have been extremely difficult to get Duke to the care he needed.   Duke and Eskie Rescuers are very grateful for Pilots N Paws to have come to his aid.
duke in kyOh…and that rescued, adopted tag-a-long?  Her name is Pearl and she was picked up by pilot Dean Chenarides the next day in Maryland and flown to her new family in New Jersey where she was greeted with open arms and an open heart.
–Karon Stewart