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No More Tears Flight

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Otis is a 1-year old Chihuahua that was rescued from a San Bernardino, CA high kill shelter. He was referred to as the “crying chihuahua” because shelter staff witnessed his family (a man and a woman) bring him to the shelter and surrender him. As they walked away, Otis cried.

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The rescue community offered pledges to the rescue that would save him. Lou Wagner, founder of Kids Against Animal Cruelty, was supportive on FB, encouraging someone to save this dog.

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A rescue in Northern California (Wags and Whiskers) offered to take Otis into their rescue, and Pilots N Paws pilots Bill Branch, Colin Rasmussen, Gary Cebrian, and Andy Barnes offered to fly him there. Lou’s response was a simple “Awesome” when the offer was announced.

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Along with “No more Tears Otis” Wags and Whiskers saved 2 little chihuahuas, and Northern California Family Dog Rescue saved a very cute beagle chi mix named Toby that flew to his forever home.


22 thoughts on “No More Tears Flight”

  1. Shelly says:

    I hope Otis finds the home he deserves poor dude. Keep me posted on his where abouts

  2. Gail says:

    My heroes.

  3. Rhonda says:

    WOO HOO!!! Thank you for helping to rescue all the animals!

  4. lyn says:

    How sad, did Otis find a new home?

  5. jennifer edwards says:

    you are all heros!

  6. Lois Batchelor says:

    I don’t understand how anyone could leave their animal in a shelter, and what is even harder to understand is how anyone could leave their dog behind when they move. And yes, I realize that during the recession a lot of people just could not afford to keep their animals. My dogs and my cats are my family. They are much more than dumb animals. Cheers to all who help at the shelters, adopt at the shelters and care for homeless animals.

  7. Julie says:

    OMG that makes me want to cry….i hate it when people think animals are just disposable …. i love these stories

  8. Doris Grau says:

    this broke my heart when I read of Otis and why a shelter where he could have been put down that is so cruel I’m happy beyong words Otis found a loving forever home I could never do such a thing with my lovable fur baby

  9. Nancy Mayhew says:

    I am so very thankful for folks like you that are there to rescue these precious little things when they are thrown to the curb so to speak. What a wonderful Christmas for the new owners and I think you guys that fly have more wings than are on the plane…..we just can’t see them.
    Thank you for being the caring human beings that you are.

  10. Kathy says:

    God Bless you all for rescuing these precious furbabies and getting them to their forever home. You are all the best type of people.

  11. nicole says:

    I love you guys Merry Christmas and God Bless you.

  12. Rita Chesterton says:

    I seldom see comments under these photos/stories, yet I know there are SO many people following Pilots n Paws online. Thank you for saving this broken-hearted Chi and her other friends.

  13. Janet Williford says:

    I love you guys!!!!

  14. Mj says:

    Bless everybody’s heart that helped save this precious baby. His family hurt him tremendously by dropping him off.

  15. Mimi Dupper says:

    I am so happy there are people who will do this. I hope little Otis never has a reason to cry again. I hope someone loves him so much that he forgets all about being abandoned at the shelter.

  16. Janet says:

    I concur – Awesome! Thank you again PNP!

  17. Belita says:

    I’d love to know how to help with coordinating this effort…like to see more of this.

  18. Brenda Cash says:

    Otis is beautiful. I will never understand the heartless actions of some people and I’m glad I don’t. Thank you so much for getting this little fella out of the shelter. Will we be getting updates?

  19. Joan Williamson says:

    Thank God there are kind people who will really go the extra mile to save innocent lives. Any dog needs a home, no matter how ugly, old, sick or diseased he is. We are responsible for all the lives on this planet. They are completely dependent on us. We come up short so much. It’s wonderful to see extra effort and love being freely given to these defenseless animals. Thank you.

  20. Melinda says:

    I cann ot imagine if I had to take my doggies to a rescue/shelter, or whatever. I would do anything to keep them, or find a friend, family member, to take care of them until I could. I would not live anywhere I could not have them, stay in my car first. Poor little Otis, I cannot imagine what must have been in his mind. I pray that he will find a new family, soon, that will dote on him and spoil him totally, while giving his the best of care. Thanks and blessings to those of you who are saving these wonderful children, at least that is how i see them.

  21. Julia Bayless says:

    As a fostered for several rescues I love story’s like these.They pick me up on a day when unfortunately I have to say no.ai could never leave any of my babies like that.I know he will find a new loving home which deserves his devotion.I long for the day we won’t be needed.

  22. scarlet says:

    my lil guy has separation issues and has to go every where with me. while a handful he brings me joy no other could fill. i’m sure it wasnt a easy thing to do to leave this little guy behind. as a owner it would be the hardest thing i would ever have to do.

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