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Chicago Update

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Pete Tobin recently heard from the Kopecky family who gave a wonderful home to “Shemp” as they came to name him:


And they are properly raising him as a Bulls and Bears fan!


From Pete: And the best update of all is that today, 12/17/13 is one year and one day since we walked into the Lebanon Animal Control Center in Nashville, TN to pick up several dogs and the World’s Sweetest (slightly cloddish) (ummmm,… a whole lot more than “slightly” cloddish) Red Bone Coon Hound was in the cage with the dogs we were sent to pick up – who was scheduled to be euthanized at 9:00 am the next morning.


And I promised and promised that if they would give him to me and not euthanize him, I’d find him a loving home.

unnamed (1)

Yeah, I lied. I never really looked for a family for him.

We just kept him all for ourselves.

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One thought on “Chicago Update”

  1. Rachel Hopple says:

    I LOVE happy endings. THANK YOU to all of you who do such a great thing! And to those of you who adopt…and to those of you who don’t plan on adopting, but DO!!! :-) RACHEL & the Hopple Zoo Crew (home to 4 rescued dogs & 1 rescued cat) in Ohio

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