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Dog Rescue Rendezvous

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Pilots Shoop, Skulte, and Christophe formed a 3-leg mission to get four dogs out of Athens, GA. The cargo consisted of Dudley, Gaspara, Pascal, and Sammy.

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Photo Credit: Dan Marinacci

Christophe flew them from Greenville to to Petersburg, VA. Gaspara, the black pup, assisted Christophe with the flight operations by chewing up his charts. Hopefully, air traffic control didn’t give him too hard of a time. Or, perhaps, there was lots of laughing in the control room if Christophe had to fess up to the little imp’s actions.


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Photo Credit: Dan Marinacci

Steve Shoop then took the brood to New Garden, PA, where Andris and Kristen Skulte picked them up.


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Photo Credit: Dan Marinacci


Four more furballs have their sights set on a new lives.

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Photo Credit: Dan Marinacci

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4 thoughts on “Dog Rescue Rendezvous”

  1. Pam Allemeier says:

    Another great SAVE by Pilots n Paws, thanks for all you do for our furry friends!!! You all are the BEST

  2. Daniel (Dan) Marinacci says:

    It was great meeting you folk. I am glad you liked using the New Garden Flying Field. Plus the low price of gasoline at New Garden makes it a good place to top the tanks.

  3. Kay Radebaugh says:

    LMBO!!! Does air traffic control accept the excuse of “the dog ate my charts” any better than teachers accept “the dog ate my homework”??? Great job everyone!!

  4. Jon Martin says:

    Great story and a testiment to the usefulness of GA. Excellent pictures Dan. Thank you for posting.

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