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Henry “Fonzie” Winkler – From Red List to Red and White!

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Henry left Buxton, Maine at 630am for Fryeburg, Maine where he met Jim, who flew him to Burlington, Vermont where he met Richard, who flew him to Massena, New York, where Maureen and her husband had driven down from Cornwall, Ontario, to get him and bring him back up across the border to meet his new mum, Laura, who’d come down from North Bay, Ontario to get him!

image003 image005 image006

henry and jim

henry and jim

henry on his way to vermont with jim and dog wrangler

henry on his way to vermont with jim and dog wrangler



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7 thoughts on “Henry “Fonzie” Winkler – From Red List to Red and White!”

  1. Connie Schachel says:

    LOVE how Henry is looking out the window on the plane. Dogs like to go for a ride; doesn’t matter where, or in what!!!

  2. Dottie says:

    You people really rock!

  3. Adrian Meli says:

    Love that first pic as well-looks like he’d like to have his head sticking out that window :-)

  4. Mark Crider says:

    Wish I was younger and could still fly. I’d be in this every day the weather would allow it. Thanks for all y’all do for the orphans.

  5. Pam Aiken says:

    I am so happy for Henry and his new mom Laura. And thanks to all of you guys who made this happen because of your complicated transport. You are all heroes. Don’t ever forget that. All of us dog lovers are so thankful for ya’ll!!

  6. Suzanne says:

    Another wonderful story! I am touched to the core by the difference these tender hearted pilots and others make in the lives of pooches needing a forever home. God bless each and every one of them and keep them safe.

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