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PNP Pilots Relay To Transport Lester A Far Distance–Texas to Colorado!

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Lester during his PNP flight

Lester during his PNP flight

Thank you PNP Pilot Wade Roberts for the following report.

“Lester was part of a six-dog transport yesterday (LVJ-DWH-EDC-F46 and back home). Loaded Ava, a homeless Chihuahua, at LVJ, flew to DWH and boarded Lester, Teddy, a Maltese with tumors and Annie, a sweet little terrier mix who was going to be put down today and who had been abused; her jaw had been broken, likely by a human kick. Flew to EDC and connected with Austin PNP pilot Alex Siegman, who flew Teddy and little Annie on to San Angelo TX  and a wonderful couple with a rescue ranch who take in special-needs/at high risk dogs to live out their days. Loaded a Bichon and Toby, a retriever, and flew to F46 near Dallas. Ava and the Bichon had a foster there, and Toby and Lester met overnight ground transport to their new homes in Denver.


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Lester at his new home in Colorado.

Lester at his new home in Colorado.

7 thoughts on “PNP Pilots Relay To Transport Lester A Far Distance–Texas to Colorado!”

  1. Sandra Krause says:

    What a beautiful story – PNP and their wonderful, generous volunteers do it again. Our rescue took in a little chihuahua with a broken jaw and were able to get low-cost surgery for her replacing bone with a titanium plate. If the rescue that has taken Annie would like to contact me I would be happy to talk to them about it in case she is in need. God bless!!

  2. weirswalker says:

    Thank you for all you do and for us who wish we could do more, you are the best !

  3. Rita Chesterton says:

    Thanks for what you do. Meanwhile, I hope someone sees Sandra Krause’s comment above and knows how to contact her for the info about low-cost surgery for “Annie.”

  4. Patti says:

    It warms my hear each and every time I see these stories. I also had a neglected abused little Annie that came from San Antonio Texas. She had bad teeth, tick diseases, heart-worms, underweight, and shot with a BB gun. Wade Roberts was my saving grace and I truly met an angel when he came into our lives. He went out of his way to get Annie out of Texas and on her way to CT where she is now a happy and carefree little girl. Bless you Wade you are one amazing man.

  5. Gail Hall says:

    I am convinced that their is a special place in heaven for these pilots and rescues that save these animals. There just has to be.

  6. Connie says:

    I am so inspired and grateful for what you . Your love and genuine kindness will also bring you wings in heaven someday, so you will forever fly high with the Angels, after all, you are all one of them, just here on earth…God Bless you for all you do .

  7. Dave & Gini says:

    We are Lester’s new parents and we are happy to say he has integrated into our family beautifully! Lester has the sweetest personality…he greets us every night by wrapping his front paw around our leg and pulling us into him for a puppy hug. Thank you for rescuing this beautiful animal – he brings incredible joy to us every day! Dave & Gini MacDonald

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