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THANK YOU to pilot Russell Fletcher & PNP!

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Greg snapped a pic of Sienna and Russell..as he is driving home, I thought I would share with you.  Thank you for helping her. Even though I have not met Sienna, I am extremely appreciative.  Sienna was dumped with her two female friends in Cypress, TX over Thanksgiving..a common occurrence as there is a spike in dumped dogs here so people can go on vacations without paying for a pet sitter or so they can buy Xmas gifts instead of costs of a pet.

I was alerted to them on a lost pets page for our community as they were wandering the area together for many days, and had escaped the yards of different finders. Greg is a great guy, and he took her and her two friends in when I told him the current finder was taking them to a kill shelter as we could not locate help or owners for 8 days.

We have no open admission shelters that are no-kill in Harris County/Houston, and the kill rates are between 50%and 83% after a 72 hour hold time with nearly 83,000 killed annually primarily due to space.    The finder was recently divorced, with a young child and living with her parents..so she was in a jam and her trying to help despite her own hardship touched me.  The finder and Greg each commented on how the dogs really grieved over the abandonment/sense of loss with being dumped on the busy road, yet still so sweet and the  daily home boarding structure settled them in quickly.

–Sybil from Mountain Pet Rescue



6 thoughts on “THANK YOU to pilot Russell Fletcher & PNP!”

  1. Nancy Klein says:

    Thank you ALL for helping save these sweet dogs!!! All they do is try to love us, yet so many people fail them. Hope you have a blessed day – you deserve it!!


  2. Rita says:

    Sorry…. hard to follow the story above. There were 3 dogs on the road? Sienna being one of them? Photo shows 3 people (not 3 dogs) and one of the people is Greg? (which one?)… and Greg kept the dogs at his house? but then what? not sure where Pilot Russell fits in? Where did all 3 dogs eventually wind up? is Sienna getting ON the plane or OFF the plane? ;o/

  3. Ann Chambers says:

    THANK YOU for saving Sienna through your kindness. You are wonderful.

  4. Kathy says:

    They are beautiful dogs. I can’t fathom how people can be so heartless. Thankfully there are people with hearts bigger than Texas who help innocent animals!

  5. Dale (Stormy) says:

    Poor babies! I would imagine they feel the same loss as an abandoned child would feel and very, very needy of love! Humans can be so heartless sometimes! They just don’t think how they would feel if someone abandoned them! Think those thoughts first people, before dumping your dog or cat on an open road somewhere unfamiliar! It breaks my heart to think!!
    Thank you Greg and Pilots-N-Paws! Y’all will FOREVER be my heros! God Bless you ALL! Godspeed to each and every one of you!

  6. Darrell says:

    Love these fly boys Dog bless you

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