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A Christmas Delivery – Joy

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She was surrendered/stray picked up to the Gaston County Police (animal control section) on 5/8/13 and released to Save a Dog a Day rescue on 5/10/13.  She spent 5 months in a foster home in Fayettville, NC until she was transported to Rhode Island.  Her trip up there was nothing short from eventful. PnP pilots went above and beyond….The plan was to fly her from NC to MD, then MD to CT, then CT to RI. The weather was not cooperating and the trips had to be rescheduled 4 times.

One of the amazing pilots, helping to coordinate all the efforts. She was tucked in, well taken care of, and of course, loved on. Every pilot stated how sweet she is. She has held true to those statements.

One of the amazing pilots, helping to coordinate all the efforts. She was tucked in, well taken care of, and of course, loved on. Every pilot stated how sweet she is. She has held true to those statements.

When she finally left Fayettville and arrive in MD, it was too late and she had to be put up at a foster home or pilot’s home until the trip could be resumed. While in MD the temp home she was staying in, rushed her to the ER. She was diagnosed with a UTI and needed clearance to fly again. When she got that clearance, the weather wasn’t cooperating again. She could not make the trip to CT until a day or two later. When the weather showed any chance of flying, the pilots jumped at the chance. They picked her up in MD and returned to CT where she had to spend the night with your amazing pilot. He took the best care of her and emailed/texted/called me with every detail. WOW, incredible guy!

The following day, the weather wasn’t the best, high winds, but the pilot was bound and determined to get her ‘home’ to me…as her trip was now reaching over a week. The winds delayed his trip over an hour, but he don’t turn around. He flew safely and arrived in CT, scooped her up and flew her back to us in RI.

SHE WAS FINALLY ‘HOME’! now she could meet her family.



Our family couldn’t wait until she arrived. She’s coming home to 2 older brothers, Cole (3) and Noah (18m) and an older fur-sister, Sophie (4). The best part of this new family is that Sophie and Joy share the same birthday (Dec 14). Sophie was also a rescue through Save a Dog a Day rescue.  We had been searching for the perfect addition to our family and she came at the perfect time. She was the best Christmas gift our family could have ever asked for! Her name, Joy, was seasonally appropriate as well :)  We prepped the house, bought toys, bones and a new memory foam bed….now all that was left was her arrival! We couldn’t wait to hold our baby girl in our arms!

We arrived at the airport early and had some good ‘play’ time in mommy’s car. The winds that day delayed Pilot Charlie quite a bit….but we didn’t mind!


Officer Noah was excited!



Fire Fighter Cole was so excited, he couldn’t eat his lunch! He was watching every plane as it landed saying ‘oh, thats a BIG airplane…so, that’s not Joy”. One of his favorite things to do is watch planes take off and land, but today’s watching, had a mission! He was determined to see a little plane land!



Joy’s welcoming committee! Noah, Cole and Sophie

IT’S A LITTLE PLANE! There’s Mr Charlie and Joy!   I cannot tell you the excitement we all shared as that plane was taxiing to the building we were waiting in.  She was here….our precious girl, was finally here!

Cole was showing his younger brother ‘which’ plane was Mr Charlie and Joy.

Cole was showing his younger brother ‘which’ plane was Mr Charlie and Joy.

George meeting Pilot Charlie and Noah had a front row seat. Cole and I stood back as Cole was speechless bc he was on the pavement with A PLANE! haha


Thanking Mr Charlie for flying her home.

Greeting her daddy for the first time :o) It was immediate affection. She sniffed Noah and went right to George as if it was a reunion you see with a dog and their owners after separating for a long period of time.  I knew right here, she was our baby. No need to even pet her yet. She was mine and no one would tell me differently!

She has such a love for people and children. She has fallen in love with the boys and I couldn’t have asked for a better, more loving dog. She is a snuggly muffin. She loves hugs and kisses and will shower you with them. She thinks she’s a lap dog. shhh! I’m not about to tell her any different!

She took a good 4 days to acclimate to her new surroundings. She wasn’t a fan of Sophie at first, but now….you can’t break them apart. They play all day long and sleep next to each other at night. She’s learning the house rules and aims to please.

I hate that she wasn’t given a forever home at birth and she’s had to learn the loneliness of a shelter, but I rejoice that she’s in that place now and she’ll never know anything different again. She’ll see her brothers grow up and leave for college and she’ll be loved even beyond her years. She has enriched this family in more ways than I can express and she’s only been here for 12 days.


Our lives will never be the same again.


The Bursey family is now complete.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts,
George, Beckie, Cole, Noah, Sophie and Joy

“Thank you for providing such a wonderful organization.  I know when my dogs are transported through pilots n paws that they are in good hands and will arrive in the same condition they left in. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.” — Colleen at Save A Dog A Day

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  1. Ann Chambers says:

    The smile on Joy’s face in the last picture just says it all. Reading through tears I just wanted to meet each person involved and tell them how special they are. It just keeps getting better and better with PNP. Bless you all. I wish I had a million dollars to donate to you.

  2. Jim Taylor says:

    Thank you for sharing this story Colleen. It’s why we do it.

  3. pboyle says:

    Great story with a wonderful ending.I just wish every doggie could experience this joy!!!

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