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A Lotta Chihuahua

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photo 4Here ya go!  That was one fun flight with Keith and I.  We had 8 chihuahuas on board.

We started at 930am at KTPD at an OAT on the ground of 2F, with beautiful sunshine.  I had preheated the airplane inside with a ceramic heater so they would spend minimal time cold, together with pulling the car right to the airplane and keeping warm towels in the crates, and we loaded them one by one through the hatch door.

How cute every little noise and 8 little heads would turn at once.photo 5 (1)

A funny moment on air traffic control channel talking to ATC on IFR flight plan (severe clear) when I requested a special gradual decent for sensitive dog ears.  After a delay, the controller came back and asked what is Pilots N Paws, which I had put in the note sections of the flight plane.  I explained it is a charity dog moving operation….and I have 8 chihuahuas on board.

He said in a surprised laugh how that was “unusual” – and another pilot somewhere in the airspace gave me the “cool” double click in the open radio frequency.  Good times in the air space over Albany.  38 min KPTD to KALB with a nice tail wind and ground speed ~210 kts.photo 3

The hand off was smooth and you see the fun picture of all the doggies in their crates for transport to ground transportation.

*Editor’s Note: PNP is able to use the Compassion call sign. We are a member of Air Care Alliance and as such, have permission to use the call sign. Spread the word to other PNP pilots.

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Posted by: Kathleen Quinn Charleston Executive Director, Pilots N Paws



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2 thoughts on “A Lotta Chihuahua”

  1. Sandra Krause says:

    Being a fairly recent convert to the Chihuahua Fan Club this story is so moving! I have grown to love this cute little breed and can just imagine what that flight may have been like! Thank you so much for what you do! Excellent story, and very well told!

  2. George says:

    Thank you for the story, I loved the ATC bit and laughed right out loud… So, we really have a call sign? How cool is that?

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