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This PNP Married Team Loves Flying For Texas Rescue Organizations!

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bones4I am signed up to receive emails from PNP requests through TX and I’m shocked at the number of pets that need assistance. I am involved in Greyhound adoption (and have four retired racers of my own) so I’m familiar with the plight of the hounds but my participation in PNP has reaffirmed how widespread the issue of abandoned pets is. The ground volunteers have been wonderful to work with and my wife and I were in awe by how thankful the rescue groups have been. As a career pilot I just “do what I do”.

It’s been a source of joy to use aviation for such a noble purpose. It also promotes general aviation in the sense that the two groups we’ve worked with had never had a request fulfilled. So they were enamored by the experience. Keep up the good work,

-Shannon Forrest, PNP Pilot

Subaru and Petmate are Proud Partners of PNP!

3 thoughts on “This PNP Married Team Loves Flying For Texas Rescue Organizations!”

  1. Sue Clark says:

    How can I reach you by email or phone? We are trying to get a little Terrier to Lawton without much success. If he is small enough, I can take him on AA to Dallas from Ca.
    Thank you.

  2. Lori-Lynn Clayton says:

    thank you so much for your wonderful service!!! I work with a few Tx rescues myself and always need PnP to help..

  3. Lori says:

    You’re a Godsend

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