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Flying with Bodie

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Flying with Bodie

By Michele Finstad

photo 3In early January, I received an email from Sue Clark informing me that she was told by Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue that there was a golden that needed transport (via airplane) from Arcata, California. It was an email that I had been waiting for since I bid on this trip at HBGRR’s fundraiser Kibble and Bids. I was going to FLY to Arcata to meet Bodie! Apparently, Bodie was found abandoned next to the highway. The Humane Society rescued him but after a while felt that Homeward Bound could give him the care that he really needed and find him a home more easily.

photo 2On Friday, January 10th, I excitedly drove to the Sacramento Executive Airport to meet Sue and wait for Adam to arrive with his plane in which we would be transporting Bodie the golden. It was a pristine day, one perfect for flying, at least in Sacramento. I was soon to learn that the Arcata Airport was the foggiest airport in the country! Sue (a pilot herself for over 40 years) and Adam continued to monitor the weather until they were satisfied that the conditions were favorable for landing. And up we went! It was fabulous! In about one hour, we arrived at the Arcata Airport and were greeted by Bodie and his wonderful caretakers. While they were sad to see him go, they knew it was the best thing for Bodie. Sue has accompanied many dog transports and knew exactly what to do. Bodie was loaded into the cargo area just behind our seats where he settled in after takeoff (which was not so settling for him). Jody Jones greeted us when we landed in Sacramento and Bodie was on his way to a new “golden” life.

During this wonderful experience, I learned about an organizationphoto 1 named Pilots N Paws. Adam, our pilot that day, volunteers his time and plane to facilitate animal transports. What an inspiration to discover that there are individuals out there who do this kind of work. Adam was tons of fun, a great pilot, and the owner of a golden. (I knew I liked him from the start).

Thank you to Homeward Bound, PNP Pilot Sue Clark, Pilot Adam, Pilots N Paws, and the weather(!) for making my adventure one that I will never forget.



4 thoughts on “Flying with Bodie”

  1. Marsha Nichols says:

    I am a friend of Sue Clark and know, from first-hand experiences, what a dedicated person she is! I am in awe of the work Sue and the other volunteers do for our furry friends! Marsha & Olivier

  2. Kimberly McLaughlin says:

    You pilots make my day after every rescue you post. God Bless you and your work.

  3. Karen Adams says:

    Sue Clark does wonderful work and is a blessing beyond words! I enjoyed this story very much, how wonderful for Body to find his new “forever” home. Pilots N Paws is a great organization with special people transporting precious dogs and even sweet rabbits! Sue, you go girl!!!!

  4. cecilia says:

    I’m partial to golden retrievers, my Sasha was part golden retriever & husky w/blue eyes and freckles. We were together 24-7, living AZ where it gets very hot I would wait till 11p so she could go w/me to the store. As soon as she saw me getting my purse or keys she followed me because she knew we were going bye bye. She suffered from seizures &I I had to put her down which was the hardest thing I ever had to do, she was like having another child. I think about her, I miss her, & I just don’t have the energy to move on she was my everything. I’m ok being around the 4the rescue dogs that my daughter has. I wish that I could foster or help out in any way possible, what you do for these dogs is incredible just like Pit Bulls &I Parolees, there should be more organizations to help out these defensive dogs that need our help & all they want in return is love. Bless you all for helping our 4-legged friends

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