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Jacco the Hero Dog- Great PNP Video Story!

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Jacco the hero dog

link to video 

Check out this amazing PNP video story!

Pilot John Davis gives a synopsis of the mission he flew on January 20, 2014, in this video. What he doesn’t mention is the time he spent trying to nail down the final plans to reunite Jacco, a military dog that spent his time in Afghanistan, with his former handler who now lives outside of Abilene, Texas. Once he was back in the States, Jacco had to endure ground transport from Florida to San Antonio, Texas.

John made the flight from Fort Worth, Texas to San Geronimo Airpark, which took a little over an hour in his Beechcraft Barron.

There, he met up with a good friend from the area that drove him to Hill Country Dog Center, where Jacco had been delivered. The military ‘hero’ dog was loaded into John’s plane, and was flown to Cisco Municipal Airport located just over an hour back north. The sight of the two ‘best friends’ being reunited was VERY emotional, and to be honest, I’m not sure who was more happy to see who.

Being a foster, myself, I always experience the emotion of seeing your special friend having to leave, so I was thrilled that John had invited me on this mission so I could see the other side of it. My ‘THANKS’ to every member of the Pilots N Paws Organization for the truly remarkable job each one of you do.

–CW ‘Bill’ Phelps

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6 thoughts on “Jacco the Hero Dog- Great PNP Video Story!”

  1. Rachel Hopple says:

    Thank you, John Davis. You provide such a valuable service…you donate your time, money & service to help these wonderful dogs find forever homes. It is appreciated!

  2. Sheila Soto says:

    Never enough thz 4 all U do. God Bless U, as we all do. Above & beyond 4 sure.

  3. Jeff Wall says:

    I’m really glad to know this dog got delivered to his former Iraq/Afghanistan handler. I had volunteered to fly a Jackson, MS to Fort Worth leg but we were unable to get the south Florida portion of the trip filled and he ended up not going though the area. Great job to those involved in completing this mission for both war veterans, dog and handler.

  4. Diane says:

    Awesome story! Thank you for sharing and doing the volunteer work you do in your beautiful Baron!

  5. Sarah says:

    Nice video by Clinton and StoryKeeping! That is one happy puppy!

  6. Holly Dzamba says:

    BRAVO!!!!!! what a wonderful thing to do for the retired K-9!!!!! I’m sure you must feel so good knowing you have honored this K-9 soldier by giving him the retirement he deserves…..not long ago they were considered “tools” and were discarded and put down when they couldn’t work anymore! Keep up the “angel flights”

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