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Back on January 16th, a life or death transport took place. Lori-Lynn Clayton had to find a pilot for an emergency flight to get a sick Springer to Denton, TX from San Angleo. She had pulled a very very sick beautiful Springer Spaniel from the local shelter that literally was on deaths bed from starvation and was thrilled to be able to get the English Springer Rescue America in Dallas, TX on board to help save this sweet boys life.


She immediately took him to the only vet open on Saturday (actually stayed late waiting for her) only to be told there was nothing he could really do as the dog was too far gone. So she picked the pup up and took him to 24 hour ER vet hospital, and they started treating him with IVs and doing blood work over the weekend.


They then needed to take him to a regular vet clinic where they did more test for another week, but even they were giving up on sweet Clayton (aww the rescue named him after Lori-Lynn). The Vet’s pretty much told her she could take him home to die. NO WAY NO HOW, so she was in panic mode that evening to find a pilot willing to come on at no notice to help save this special Springer named Clayton and take him to the Springer rescue where they had a doctor willing and waiting at the Center for Vet Specialty Care Hospital in Carrollton, TX.


Well, a young pilot named Tyler Chapman (his first flight for PnP) called Lori-Lynn right away and gave her the great news she was praying for. He said he would be honored to come get this dog. He flew into to San Angelo early the next morning from Denton to take sweet Clayton back with him to the Springer Rescue and on to the emergency care.

Tyler Cha
If it weren’t for the quick caring response from PnP Tyler Chapman this pup would not have made it. Clayton is finally on his way to recovery and hopefully go to an outpatient foster home soon. There is not way to give enough thanks to rescues like English Springer Rescue America for not giving up on this special dog and for all the team of people such as PnP program to make things happen for the good!


He has pink gums! This boy had no blood before. His vet, gave him much needed blood transfusions among many other things. So he has pink gums and is more alert.

Lots more to Clayton’s story, click here.

8 thoughts on “NO WAY NO HOW”

  1. Linda Rush says:

    WTG, Tyler. We don’t know what we would do without our PnP’s. You folks are awesome!

  2. Leigh Ann says:

    Awesome story! Great group effort to save this beautiful pup!!!

  3. robert says:

    Very Cool.

  4. Nan says:

    At the top of my head, CHEERING for such a beautiful boy and making it. Secondly, cheering for the program!

  5. Kathy VonIns says:

    Tyler we all can’t Thank You enough for what you did for Clayton. This sweet boy has won the hearts of many around the world. With Clayton now living with his foster family and still needing medical care w/them, I hope that you get the chance to visit with them & Clayton soon. You are a huge part of this ESS rescue and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  6. Marv Miller says:

    To the flight crews of Pilots-n-Paws, especially Tyler Chapman:

    Thanks SO much for what you all do to assist the many animal welfare causes in America! You make a difference!

    Tyler sure made the difference in Clayton’s life, as I feel it safe to say that he wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for Tyler’s immediate reaction to get him to the far-off medical clinic he so desperately required.

    We are seeing steps every day that let us know that Clayton will eventually recover from his complete starvation, to become a sweet young Springer Spaniel again.

    Again, our thanks!

    Marv Miller
    V.P. – Western States
    English Springer Rescue America

  7. Shelley says:

    Dear Tyler,

    On behalf of ESRA and the nearly 1300 fans of his on Facebook, I want to say the biggest Thank You ever. We will forever be thankful you answered Lori’s call and flew our precious Clayton. Without you, he never would have lived. You have affected more lives than you could ever have imagined. Bless you always.

  8. Dear Tyler & PNP:

    Simply put, you’re heroes. Thank you so much for your prompt response to Clayton’s plight. It was with love and urgency that you took him “under your wings” and flew him to the emergency treatment he desperately needed.

    With gratitude,

    Suzanne Bell Esmay
    English Springer Rescue America, Inc.

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