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The Cute Version of Yoda

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Yoda is a 10 yr. old blind American Eskimo Dog. He flew from St. Louis, MO to Ankeny, IA to go to American Eskimo Dog Rescue & Sanctuary of Iowa, Inc. (inside the car is another rescue pup named Elke).

Yoda & William Carrier

Yoda was born without eyes and has had a very sad life going from home to home. He was purchased from a pet store in Eastern Iowa and the couple that purchased him were told don’t worry, his eyes will grow in. Obviously they didn’t. They gave him up to us and on his transport here, the couple transporting him fell in love with him and decided to adopt him. He lived with them for 8 years before the wife passed away. Her husband kept him until his life changed when he remarried and Yoda wound up with an Eskie Rescue in Santa Claus, IN. About a year later the husband passed away and his wife gave up the rescue. She knew Yoda was supposed to come here originally so she contacted us. He made his way to the St. Louis HeartBandits Eskie Rescue and through them hooked up with Bill to get to Iowa. He’s finally home thanks to your wonderful organization and Bill.

We just wanted to say Thank You.  Local news station KCCI was there to cover the story of Yoda’s journey Here is a link to the news story about Yoda.

This was just on Sunday and we already have three applications to adopt Yoda. He just might have his happy ending yet.

Stacie Mancini
Co-Founder, American Eskimo Dog Rescue & Sanctuary of Iowa, Inc.

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