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image_3We flew Julie (pup shown in the middle of group photo) from Leesburg Executive over to Trenton-Mercer, New Jersey. Julie has had a rough 9 years being forcibly bred by a back yard breeder in VA. After rescue, an ad was placed and the beautiful family (mom and two girls pictured while dad was unable to attend due to work) applied for adoption and were accepted. We had a chance to talk with the family and they are an absolute perfect fit for the pup. They will be changing Julie’s name (given image_1to her by the rescue) to ‘Hope.’ Why the name ‘Hope?’ Because the adorable little 4 year old being held by her mother is fighting a strong battle with Leukemia. I was very pleased to hear that she has less than a year left and she’ll be done with treatment! I’ve been following her story on this page:
Infinite Love for Natalie Grace.After they met their newest family member, we let them climb into our little aircraft and they were overwhelmed with excitement! Just simply moving the ailerons seemed to leave them speechless and smiling from ear to ear. Their favorite part was operating the flaps. We must have cycled them at least a dozen times.
Felt good knowing we made that family’s day!
Definitely one of the best entries in my logbook. Period.

A huge and well-deserved thanks to Treasured K9’s Inc, 501(c)(3), for coordinating the effort to relocate Julie. Kristen, the founder, has a clear and passionate devotion to the well-being of these little guys and gals. She was a pleasure to work with and I’d like to thank her and all of her volunteers with the smooth overall success of the trip.

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  1. Jules says:

    Made me cry! Thinking about the little girl and also watching Hope looking out of the window being flown to safety and happiness. THANK YOU!!

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