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Annie – The Sun Will Come Out in CT

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Annie was a San Antonio stray on death row, at Brooks facility, past her euthanasia date.


At Brooks

After many days of trying to free her, she was picked up by a rescue in Texas and then adopted by me. She was heartworm positive, emancipated and had 2 tick diseases. She has nubs for front teeth as she must have tried to gnaw her way through a cage and worn them down.  She also had been shot by a BB gun. I fell in love with her but had no way to get her to CT from TX. I found a wonderful group called “Pilots n Paws”. These pilots give their own time and fly needy animals like Annie to their new home. They are heroes. They give animals a chance at a new life.

Annie was at the vets for a month getting better while I had posted on Pilots N Paws for transport to CT.


So malnourished, skin and bones.

Annie had a long way to travel and it meant trying to schedule several pilots to connect in different cities from Texas to Connecticut. There were weather delays and changes to the original flight plans.


Brian and Annie

Brian was my first pilot, but due to maintenance on his plane, he could not fly her, but he went out of his way and picked her up at the vets in San Antonio and kept her overnight. He would take her to meet another pilot, Wade in Houston.

Wade and Annie

Annie goes to Houston to meet Wade Roberts and stay the night with Wade.

Weather delays the flights and Wade generously keeps Annie for another 4 nights before the weather clears.

Annie with Wade's dog Cessna.

Annie with Wade’s dog Cessna.

Annie meets Bruce Ellard in Grenada MS and is ready to travel to TN.


Annie and Bruce

Annie meets Nancy McEntee and her family who keep her the next two nights until the next flight can be made.

Slumber party at the McEntire household

Slumber party at the McEntire household

Annie ready to make her next flight to meet her new mom in Reading PA.

Annie is handed off to Larry Stall headed to Reading PA

Annie is handed off to Larry Stall headed to Reading PA

Home Sweet Home ..at last after a car ride to Connecticut.

Annie and her new sister Zoey.

Annie and her new sister Zoey.

There are no words to express my deep appreciation to all the pilots that gave their own time to take Annie in and fly Annie home.
God Bless you all!!!!
Annie’s new mom

Mom - Tell me the story again of how I was rescued and how I flew in an airplane

Mom – Tell me the story again of how I was rescued and how I flew in an airplane


Wade had a special treat on his leg.  Here’s his nugget, “Meanwhile, NASA was delaying its flight of Endeavor, the last space shuttle, piggybacked to a special 747, from Cape Canaveral to Houston for a fly-by and display; originally, it was to arrive Monday morning, but weather forced a postponement to Tuesday, and, then, Wednesday. I knew that the FAA was going to impose a TFR (temporary flight restriction) around Ellington Field, where the shuttle was to land. Before I went to bed Tuesday night, I made one last weather and TFR check. The TFR was to start at 10 a.m. No problem, I thought; I’m taking off at 9 a.m. and will be well out of the TFR boundary by then. Sure enough, though, when I checked first thing Wednesday morning, the FAA had moved the TFR start up an hour. I called for a flight briefing: the weather was excellent, and the TFR was not a no-fly zone, but had special conditions. At the hangar after pre-flighting N20223, I had to call and file a flight plan and had to call Houston Center/ZHU/TRACON (terminal radar control) with my aircraft number, departure time and destination. They issued me in advance a code to squawk on the transponder. Before taking off, I had to radio Houston Approach for permission to depart, which I received exactly at 9:00:00 a.m. The controller immediately cleared me to an altitude higher than I had ever before been assigned (Pearland is just a few miles from Houston’s Hobby Airport, from which Southwest Airlines flies). I was above a cloud layer when the reason became apparent: I heard the controller vectoring Pluto 905 Heavy (the 747/space shuttle combo) below me to land at Ellington. I couldn’t see it for the clouds, but I’ll always remember when 20223, little Annie and I flew above Endeavor.”



Reindeer Annie

Reindeer Annie


Nighty, nite !!

Nighty, nite !!

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4 thoughts on “Annie – The Sun Will Come Out in CT”

  1. Patti says:

    That’s my baby there, and I am the lucky one to have her. I appreciate these pilots, now friends, who went out of their way to help a little dog from Texas get to her new life in CT. Annie has gotten stronger everyday and is very spoiled, deservingly so. Bless all of you who help these animals in need and to PNP for the wonderful program they have. Many thanks!

  2. patti says:

    never meet more caring people as the ones who are shown here and associated with her flight. Pilots N Paws is a wonderful organization and I owe them so much for getting Annie to me.

  3. Judith wiesemeyer says:

    Awesome story and so touching hope all is going well and Annie is happy she is a very lucky dog to have so many people who care about her.glad you shared this.

  4. Patti D says:

    thank you Judith she is an awesome girl and doing very well!

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