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Broken Window to Survive

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Dave Whitney provided some much needed transportation to a mama dog and her 7 puppies. The story begins with good samaratins in Elk City…

Saving the unlucky dogs is a family affair.

Saving the unlucky dogs is a family affair.

“I received the call on this girl today…She has been seen at a store in Elk City… Skinny and with some skin issues…They called the pound, and when they got there, she ran they followed her… she went to a house near by and she went through a broken window..Neighbors came out… they told her story…In December, she was adopted from a pound in Clinton (HELL HOLE) she gave birth in January… a week ago, her owners went to jail… her and the babies were locked up inside… To feed them, she broke through the window… every day, she has been seen bringing food back through the window… she was caring for her babies… Now, she is in jail…. another hell hole, high kill pound and tonight, they are suppose to go get her babies…PLEASE… she needs help…. I have no way to do anything, other than get her and help transport…Anyone???”

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Melissa Haner (Altus, OK) got the ball rolling and contacted Dave to request help transporting her (Buffy) and her puppies. They arranged all of the details and Terry Lynn, also from OK was able to spring Buffy from the pound (high kill). The puppies were gathered from an abandoned house, where they were born and driven to the airport the morning of the flight. Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary, in Crawford, CO, offered to keep them, get them healthy and adopt them out to good homes eventually. Tami volunteered to meet Dave at the airport to get the pups to Black Canyon.

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With high winds predicted, the flight was iffy, but Dave got a very early start and everything went without a hitch. The forecast winds didn’t show up until later (after he was on the ground safe), and this baffled all the controllers he talked to during the flight (good karma?).

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14 thoughts on “Broken Window to Survive”

  1. Pam says:

    When these are posted, everyone needs to make sure they add what state they are in. How can any of us help if we only know the city where the problem is? And many, many states have cities and towns with the same name.

  2. Robin M. says:

    God Bless you, Melissa, Terry Lynn, Tami, Dave, Black Canyon Animal Shelter and all others that were involved in the rescue of this beautiful family. The world needs more loving hearts such as yours.

  3. Patti says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for Saving this Family!

  4. Denise says:

    This is Awesome good news so glad they are being saved but for that momma she’s the HERO here big time God bless you all!!

  5. Sandy Gore says:

    What a story and with a happy ending!! Thanks for sharing. Makes me feel better about the human race considering all the horrific things done to animals. You and your family…what a blessing you are to the animals!!!

  6. Debby Peterson says:

    Thank you. God blessed you and the dogs!

  7. Debbie Faulkner says:

    A huge thank you to Dave and Pilots N Paws for getting Buffy and her pups to Colorado. Two puppies have already been adopted and Buffy has a potential new home too!

    Would not have happened with you all!

  8. TerryLynne Ramsey says:

    KUDOS to all that helped with this rescue. The high winds thing for Dave wasn’t good karma it was GOD he loves these precious creatures, remember he created them too!

  9. Maryanne says:

    As always, I am deeply moved by these stories. I thank everyone who was involved in yet another wonderful rescue.

    Maryanne in Portugal

  10. rosebud says:

    thank God for all you wonderful people. this story made my cry and i pray that all you angels on earth are truly blessed and i’m sure you will be. <3 <3

  11. Nancy says:

    Awesome work, great coodination.Thanks to one and all.

  12. Jim Taylor says:

    What a story. Thank you for caring- that is a dog who will have nothing but unquenchable love for her next, quality owner.

  13. Clint Everett says:

    Please keep us updated on whats happening. Sending small contribution your way..Thank you for all your help. God Bless U All..

  14. Mariane Salvail says:

    I would love to foster!! what a rough go for this beautiful mama…

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